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PREVIOUSLY on Cutie Cutie Ghost Show:

* Qannen & Qynka went to the Arena Mall and had some really violent brand interactions with the Superfine Trio

* We learned the Cute Boys were in Wood2 to kidnap Truuuly but that whole plan didn't work out, not even remotely, and plus another one of them died

* Anicentricity, who we thought was dead, was not dead. But she was captured by Daddy and put in a room in the Tower. And then she died

* Qynka wore one of Raminashi's t-shirts to the mall, and on one level maybe it was just a fun, outrageous brand engagement, and on another level maybe it was an utter betrayal of her sister and the brand they were building together

And now, at last, EPISODE 06, the S01 finale. In which:

* Qannen and Qynka both reconnect with old friends

* Anicentricity finally starts to really believe in herself

* Kessl8 makes a proposal

* Qannen makes an important decision

* Qynka makes an important decision


* The Cute Boys finally accomplish something

PERSONAL BRANDS featured in this episode:

the [(void)] - a non-corporeal being who lives in Qynka's old bed at Aubrey Plaza and whom Qynka is very sexually attracted to

Anicentricity - ha ha wait I thought she was dead

Daddy - Daddy

Jorgan_t - Daddy's scientist helper friend

Syklomeme - a person from Qynka & Qannen's past who we met briefly in Episode 05. She and Qannen were best friends growing up, but then she got attached to Lamantine when she started dating Qynka, and then stayed attached to Lamantine after Qynka killed her, and is now loosely affiliated with Raminashi's entourage

Jexxica - a person from Qynka & Qannen's past who we met briefly in Episode 05. She was a big part of the Qrrashiclandom and has remained firmly so. She's sort of a quantitative data analyst, sort of an astrologist.

Kessl8 - a maid who is about to finish up her first season on ServiTude

The one with the eyes - a cute boy with nice eyes

The one with the hair - a cute boy with nice hair

Qynka - Queen bitch of the universe, apparently

And Qannen - the Queen bitch's less popular sister, apparently


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