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Hi guys.
So um....I don't know how to say this guys but......I've decided.......I've decided to discontinue this book again. I know when I first discontinued it I then started watching disney descendants again afterwards and I wanted to write this book again. But I just have found that recently I have grown away from the disney descendants fandom once again. Which means I no longer am updating this book from now on. I only found that I wasn't into this fandom any more tonight, when I tried to write the next chapter of this book. No matter how hard I tried to write the next chapter I just couldn't. It was like I no longer am interested in finishing this book. I know there would probably be people out there who have found this book and really enjoyed it and would want it to continue. But I actually can't and won't force my self to write something that I no longer have an interest in finishing. So I'm sorry guys because as of now when I finish writing this. I have officially discontinued this book for good. I just hope you all will respect my decision and continue to read my other books.


(Discontinued- as of 22nd April 2019)

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