7. Headache

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FP ran out of his trailer, but Alice was already gone. He was close to crying or just destroying something close to him. The red lights on the back of her car could be seen driving away fastly. He went back in his trailer and sat down. He had no idea, what to do now, how to act around her, if he would ever get a second chance, if she would forgive him. The only human he could talk to just left him.
He sat on his sofa for 10 minutes and just thought about his mistake. He made the decision to text her. He needed to apologize.
"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable. I'm really sorry."
He sat anxiously waiting for her response. She would answer if she wanted to and he knew that. 10 minutes passed and he understood she wouldn't. Some bottles of beer caught his attention and he brought them all with him into his bedroom. He drowned his problems and pain in beer until he fell asleep.

Alice's POV:

As she drove home, she started crying. Everything that had happened that night shook her whole life. FP saving her, the group of men and him kissing her. FP had shook her already broken life. She got out of her car and ran into her house. She looked at her phone and saw FP's text, but she ignored it. She took one of her unopened bottles of wine and poured herself a glass. Then another one. And some more. Until the bottle was empty. She just put her head on the table and fell asleep. Without feeling anything.
When she woke up, she had an extreme headache. She checked her home for any medicine but didn't find any. She decided to walk to the supermarket. She could barely walk, she hadn't eaten anything and her legs barely stood straight. But she had to help herself, because nobody else would.
As she walked in the supermarket, she walked straight to the pharmacist. Her head was spinning and she felt like she would vomit. As she walked in, she saw an another man. Strongly familiar one.

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