Chapt.15 - All's Fair

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It was another day. Skye woke up and found herself in a different room. The look-out tower she thought. She then yawned, but before she could stretch her body, a weight was pinning her down.

Now this scene's familiar...

She looked over to him, and found his head, placed on her back. Involuntarily, she smiled to herself. Then decided to carefully wriggle away from him carefully.

Fortunately, Ryder had entered in to wake up the two. The boy then laughs "Having trouble I see?" He whispers, then helped her get out.

When Skye was cradled in Ryder's arms, he looked over to his first ever pup. Chase "Y'know, he never lost his sweetness in his life, even if he had a tragic past" he said, giving Skye a belly rub.

This had sort of shocked the Cockapoo "Wait. Tragic past?" She repeated, then Ryder nodded "Wait. Hadn't Chase told you a thing?"

Her face shadowed, Ryder noticed this, so he immediately asked "He... Never told you?". Ryder was quite surprised at this, since he knew that back then, Chase and Skye are very close. They'd usually fall asleep at the yard by playing all day.

Resulting of him, always bringing them to their beds. He could see how they usually talked and laughed with each other than the other pups.

He wouldn't say the two separated themselves from the others. It's just that... There's something between them, and he could tell both of them knew each other more than the other pups could.

So finding out Chase never mentioned his past to Skye, was shocking. When she had told her story to Chase. Well... Everyone including him. But, you get the point.

"Well. Maybe he'll tell it to you one day. For now, let's eat breakfast" he winked, then placed her down then had woken Chase up.

The tall pup woken up groggily "Mh... Morning already?" He groaned. "Yes you silly pup, now, get up" Ryder requested softly, then had gotten in the elevator.

Skye followed next, while Chase sleepily followed behind. The ride down was quiet. Skye was still deep in thoughts, and even if she had the urge to ask Chase. It'd be awkward since Ryder was with them in this sardine of an elevator.

Plus... I don't think Chase would respond to her properly. If she dares to ask a decent question to him at a spacey state... He might just answer "Case is on the Chase..."

After that ride down, which felt like eternity. The elevator door swung open just like what it's supposed to.

Ryder went somewhere to grab some food that's edible for humans. While Chase and Skye walked themselves to their house, where their filled bowls are. They went the same direction, as their doghouses were right beside each other after all.

The morning went smoothly. The noise faded in slowly, as one by one, pups of all variety began to come out and play, and Chase was one of them.

As every pup, except Rocky and Skye, played tag. While the mixed breed and Cockapoo decided to watch some shows inside. They decided to catch up on the missed episodes from their favorite tv show superhero, Apollo.

While Apollo was in the middle of saving a female dog in distress. Skye, out if the blue, says "Has Chase told you... Anything?"

Of course, this took Rocky by surprise "Uh... I-it depends!..." he faltered, as he started to sweat crazily. He heard him sigh "What does Chase think of me for the reason why he didn't tell me his backstory..."

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