Chapter Seven: Friends

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It was the longest two hours of my life, I could tell you that.

I was seated in between Chris and Caleb with on Caleb’s other side Marley. It was hell.

Chris would keep glancing at Caleb and kept his arm around my shoulder pulling me slightly sideways into his chest. Caleb on the other hand sat staring straight ahead or glaring at Chris, his hands clasped tightly around the edge of the seat. His posture tense.

And to make it even worse, Marley was commenting on everything in the movie and since it was a horror movie screeching and acting like she was scared.

She kept trying to get Caleb’s attention, clutching onto his arm and digging her nails into his skin. I could already see red scratches and welts appearing there but Caleb seemed oblivious.

I tried to focus on what was on the screen but it seemed almost impossible. I usually liked horror movies, they didn’t scare me in the least and Katie and I always watched them together laughing at how stupid the hero or heroine in the story acted.

Tonight though I couldn’t focus, I kept feeling the warmth radiating from Chris as I was pressed against him. I kept feeling how hard and muscled his chest was despite his soft demeanor. He seemed utterly relaxed but his glances in Caleb’s direction made me think otherwise.

It was confusing and I could tell Chris’s behavior confused the other guys as well. It wasn’t what any of us was used too.

What was even more confusing was the fact that I wasn’t the focus of Caleb’s glares. He seemed to try not to look at me at all. His glares were directed at Chris and it was so obvious that the other guys noticed it as well.

During the break I excused myself and scrambled out of my seat to get to the ladies room. I’d prefer the chance to run in to Marley there over being in the company of Chris or Caleb or both.

Still I considered myself lucky that she wasn’t there.

I had a hard time understanding what was going on out there. If I didn’t know any better I’d say Chris was flirting with me and that Caleb was jealous. In fact it almost looked like Chris was enjoying making Caleb jealous.

That was ridiculous I scolded myself. Caleb hated me so he couldn’t be jealous and Chris… well Chris had always looked at me like his little sister so him flirting with me was absolutely out of the question.

I squared my shoulders  and marched back in, thinking what I’d just experienced was all in my head. Obviously since both guy’s would never act that way.

But as I sat back down in my chair I had the sinking feeling it would only get worse. Right on cue Chris sat down next to me and wrapped his arm around my shoulder again then smiled warmly at me. ‘Look I got you your favorite candy,’ he said as he handed me a bag of gummi bears.

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