Introduction - Stopover

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Take a seat for now and pause

For this journey will take long.

Take heed of the boos and applause

In life's age-old dance and song.

Refreshments are at the side

To calm you amidst the cold and heat.

If you feel tired, let it slide,

And stay comfy in your seat.

Look back at the road you've taken

And the places you've seen far and wide,

Whether you feel proud or mistaken

Breathe in and out, don't shrink or hide,

For every trip, you need to stop

And look ahead to where you'll go,

Brace yourself before you walk up

And meet the winds that life will throw.

Your journey, be it near or far

Will soon bear fruit and fulfill you,

Your steps will be guided by the North Star

If what you seek is clear and true.

But for now, just take a seat,

Stay a while, relax and sigh.

This repose will be life's treat

Before you move along and fly .

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