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Lisa PoV

When me and Krystal had our little planning talk I unlocked the door walked out of my studio first and checked if the coast was clear.

When I see that there is no one in site I texted Krystal telling her to leave which she did.

I told her if Kai gets on my nerves this week that I'm going to name drop her if he asks her about anything I said just agree with it. Oh boy this is going to be funny messing with this asshole's head.

I had little over an hour until my actual client comes in so I decided to look for Jennie and Jisoo. I texted Jennie multiple times and she hasn't responded. Why is she ignoring me?? I rang her a couple of times and still no answer.

I checked to see if she's in the lunch area and I see her sitting on a table with Jisoo and fucking Kai. They were laughing and Jennie glances at me and then moved closer to Kai. What the hell is she doing.

I could really kill someone right now. Is Jennie trying to make me jealous. What have I done to her. I hear Jennie laugh out load nudging Kai playfully. I scoffed. What did I do this time. Why is she trying to make me angry.

Rose is busy so I couldn't go to her studio and vent my anger. I walk over to the vending machine that was behind where Jennie Jisoo and Kai were sitting. Kai spoke up as soon as he sees me.

Kai: Lisa your eating junk again, know wonder you can't build muscles like me.

Kai chuckled, as he flexed his week ass muscles in front of Jennie and Jisoo. I'm about to beat the hell out of this jerk. Jennie chuckled as well and Jisoo just shook her head at Jennie. Jennie really is trying to annoy me right now. What annoys me the most is that I know she's doing this on purpose.

Lisa: you know what Kai shove your small dick in your mouth and shut up before I do it for you.

The tension suddenly got from 0 to 100 real quick. Kai chocked

Kai: what did you say Manoban.

He stood up trying to intimidate me. I smirk at him. I'm not scared of him know matter how muscly he thinks he is.

Lisa: you know exactly what I said fuck face now sit down and get out of my face.

Kai gets into my face

Kai: how would you possibly know that.

I chuckle what I say might get me in trouble from Jennie but right now I'm in a pissed off mood and I really want to beat up this jerks face.

Lisa: maybe because Krystal told me about it.

When I said her name Kai tenses up. Yeah that right, that struck a nerve huh Kai. Our co workers started to gather around. Telling us to calm down but that was all background noise to me. All I can think about is beating his face in like a drums

Jennie: Lisa Kai stop it before one of you do something stupid.

Jennie looked directly at me and I kept my daggers at Kai. Well princess you shouldn't be so close to your "fiancé" if you didn't want me to do something stupid.

Kai: what did you do manoban

Kai grits his teeth and I smirk at him

Lisa: ask her....

Kai grips my arm tightening his grip. His dumbass left his crotch open clear so I kicked him where the sun doesn't shine, making him go down on his knees. Then it was chaos. Co workers were holding me back and some where checking on Kai.

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