Chapter 7

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I couldn't sleep, I feel restless. I can't stay indoors, sleeping the whole Christmas. I need to figure out something to do, I need to get over qith everyone and everything. I need some amusement in my life and I will chase every place wherever i'll get it from and whoever I'll get it from. I need to get my shit together.

A rush of insane thoughts sweep my mind and before knowing what I should do I found myself putting on my plaid overcoat, wore my black bootcut jeans with black boots, left my hairs open hanging down upto my waist, took my keys and left the apartment. Today for the very first time I'm walking on the streets of Spokane without my glasses. It's not like I'm blind without them, I can definitely see without glasses just a bit blur. I'm no more going to be that same lame and meek girl, I'm going to.cross all the boundaries, I'll go wherever the fate will take me, I'll do whatever I'll please cause who cares if I'm okay or not, who cares if I'm alive or not.

I walked through the streets, the cool wind blew my hairs, the skin on my face went almost numb and I shiver as the wind continued its assault. I walked to wherever my feet took me, I didn't had a place in my mind to go. I was in a total deranged state and suddenly an idea came across my mind, I'm going to get drunk tonight. I've watched people in movies getting drunk to get the morbid thoughts out of their head and tonight I'm going to do the same. I'm going to get wasted.

I took out my phone to search for the nearby bars and I found one. I followed the directions and reached there. I stood out for a few minutes, deciding whether I should go in or not. My angelic and evil thoughts were conflicting in my head and I couldn't think straight. I took a deep breath and reminded myself that I can do whatever I want, before finally entering inside the bar.

The moment I entered inside, I regretted every single nerve that pushed my sanity away and forced me to enter this place. This whole place reeks, the blaring music fills the whole place, people are dancing, most of them are grinding against each other. The noise inside is almost deafening, air is full of heat and sweat, the light are low and suddenly I start as if air has become more thicker. I almost gave up the thought of drinking and turned around to walk outside but suddenly my subconscious snapped at my thoughts,
"You will always be a coward Emma".

No I'm not a coward, I'm can't go back, I'm already inside this bar and I'm going to drink tonight, I'm going to get wasted, I'm going to tell the world that I don't give a fuck to what people think, this world doesn't owns me, I can do whatever I please and their absolutely nothing wrong about it. I'm going insane right now, I'm thinking all those things that I never thought I would ever think of doing in my life. For the very first time I felt as if I'm being myself, as if there's nothing to.worry about anymore, as if my life is now running on an entire different track and anew set of exciting and thrilling events are awaiting for me.

I made my way through the sweaty crowd and reached the bar top. A blonde guy who looked around 25 or so was serving drinks to the people sitting in front of him. His eyes landed on me and he smiled. I noticed he his eyes, they looked extraordinary, he had light coloured eyes, perhaps a mix between blue and grey, his blonde hairs were pulled back and he looked kinda cute with that smile of his.
"Hey, young lady, what would you like to drink tonight?" He said and his friendly smile adorned his lips.

"I... I don't know, this is my first time drinking, so I have no idea." I managed to speak. I literally had know idea what to order.

"If that's the case, then I suggest you should go for Love Potion." He speaks as he turns back to prepare my drink.

"Okay!" I say as I saw him preparing my first drink. Minutes later he appears with a glass in his hand.

The drink appears to be red, garnished with a heart shaped strawberry. I hold the glass between my fingers still battling if I should drink it or not. My hand attempts to put the glass back down but my subconscious snaps again,
"Still afraid".

I clenched the glass more tighter and gulped the drink at once. It tasted fruity and sweet like strawberries. I definitely liked it so much, it's not awful, it's actually amazing and sugary, not like in the movies where they depict that first drink always taste terrible. My mouth yearned for more drink as the sweet fruity taste of the drink left my mouth seconds after finishing the first shot.

"Hey, can I get another glass of the same drink." I spoke as I called the blonde bartender again.

He approaches with a smile plastered on his lips, same as the one he had before.

"Sure!" He says as he takes my glass and prepares another.

Soon he brings my glass and I gulp it down again and ask for another one. This drink has become my new addiction. I can't help but to order another. By the time I'm done drinking 4 shots, I feel light headed, everything appears blur as if the world is spinning.

Zayn's POV

I entered a random bar and went to the counter and ordered my regular drink. My blood is boiling with rage and I need to clear my head.
Every time I come back home to see my mom, my dad have to ruin my happiness, why the hell he can't leave us alone with our lives. Everything was sweet and lovely 10 years back, I was happy with my loving parents, but then my dad started drinking and fell in love with some other woman and left me and my mom alone.
I came back to celebrate Christmas with my Mom but he had to show up and ruin everything. And I really don't understand why my Mom still loves him. He had done hell with her and she still loves him. I don't get why people get blind in love.

A brunette sits beside me and gives me a sultry smile. I can tell by her looks, what she wants from me and I want the same to clear my head fuming with anger.

"Hey, would you like to get out of here, somewhere more secluded?" She asks and put a strand of hair behind her ear, her face glowing with sweat, she looks dirty. Not in the way that she is actually dirty, she looked like those sluts back from Howard. But I actually don't mind cause I need a break from all the shit.

"Sure!" I reply as I get up to leave out with her and just as I was about to walk away some force from behind. A girl was tugging at my sleeve, she looked weak, skinny and not to mention, she was drunk.

"Hey stranger, let's dance." She pulls on my arm and attempts to drag me but fails.

"Looks like you have got a company dude...." The brunette beside me speaks and leaves.

"Wait, I didn't even know her, she's some random drunk girl, hey wait..." I shout as I saw her disappear in the crowd.

"What the fuck, stay away from me." I push her away from me. She stumbles back but again reach for me.

"Don't be a jerk, come let's dance, I like this song very much, come." She speaks and again drags me by arm.

I was already a raging mess and this girl is adding more to my fuming head. She looks awful and stupid, who the hell wears such a formal clothing to bars.

"What the hell is your problem, I told you I don't wanna dance with you, get away from me. I'm warning you don't provoke me otherwise I'll do something very horrible." I shout and turns to continue drinking.

"If you don't wanna dance then let's get out of here and get wasted, let's have some fun."

This crazy girl is not going to give up so easily, I've already denied her that I don't want to get involved with her and now she's even asking me to get ou and have some fun with her, guess her formal clothing and this dumb countenance is just a show to radiate innocence but who knew she would have such desires.

"Oh, so you wanna have some fun and want to get wasted, then I guess I'll have to grant your wish dear." If she wants to pretend being innocent then I'll play with her.

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