chapter 9

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Y/n drew her fingers along the keyboard of her computer, looking at the endless number of documents at her side. The sun filtered through the large open window, letting the sound of the sea keep her company.

She had tried to keep herself away from her duties; but being the president of a company such as the Y/L/N Corporation, didn't allow her to have much free time, so she had taken advantage of Camila's absence to finish some work.

Y/n took a long sip of coffee and toyed with her pen looking at the budget in front of her carefully, when her cell phone began to ring, drawing her attention and tearing a smile when she saw Ariana's name.

She clicked on the blue icon with an S and waited patiently for the program to start, she wrote a text to Ariana, before returning to her duties. Ten minutes passed, and the familiar ringing of the video calling caught her attention, forcing her to push the answer button.

Ariana's face appeared on the computer screen and y/n smiled ,amused to see her pajamas.

“Good morning.” y/n greeted her with a small smile, earning a grimace in return. “Cute pajamas.” she added teasingly.

“You called to give me fashion advice or you have something useful to tell me?”

“Did you wake up on the wrong side of your bed?” Y/n asked.

“You'd be in a bad mood if your boss was on vacation across the ocean and asked you to do a video conference at this hour in the morning.”

“About that, sorry." Y/n replied. “But I'm going out soon and I don't know when I'll be back.” She explained. "I just wanted to be updated on the progress.”

Ariana ran her hand through her hair and y/n saw her open a folder above the keyboard, she started reading and before she could say something, Cara appeared on the screen.

“Good morning!” Cara said cheerfully, turning to Y/n, placing a cup of coffee in front of her wife and then bent down to kiss her softly.

“Good morning to you.” Y/n replied amused, watching Cara wearing just a shirt that didn't leave much to imagination.

“Hey, Y/L/N,” the lawyer called, snapping her fingers to get her attention. “Your eyes on me, not on my wife's ass!”

Y/n didn't have the time to answer that, Cara appeared again with a plate which at first glance, looked like pancakes.

“Can you blame her?” Cara asked. “I have a beautiful ass.” She laughed. 

Cara allowed Y/n to see the object of the statement raising her shirt and showing her backside. 

“I should take a picture.” Y/n agreed raising an eyebrow. “Actually, wait ...” she leaned toward the table to grab her phone.

“Take a picture of this.” Ariana replied, showing her middle finger, while with her other hand, she grabbed Cara's butt cheek.

“Oh, come on!” Y/n muttered throwing a paper against the computer screen.

When the two women had started dating, Cara was just the girlfriend of her best friend. But things had progressed, the two were in love and the girl had become a trusted person for y/n, enough to be named best woman when they got married.

She had always envied their relationship, how they loved each other. If y/n was honest, she prayed all the time to have such luck one day. If she found a woman who loved her half as much as the two loved each other, she would be happy forever.

“Okay, okay!” y/n said when she saw that Ariana didn't seem too willing to stop kissing Cara. “Let's talk about business for ten minutes and then I swear I'll leave you two to have breakfast in peace.”

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