Ch. 8

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Em was more exhausted than she had ever been in her entire life, Lillabeth seemed just as drained as she held Em between her chest and Maelgywns back. Em was resting her head lightly on him as the horse flew over the ground. Somehow keeping their seat as the horse galloped, was easy almost as though they couldn’t fall off.

As soon as Em had touched the creatures head she had felt the soul deep connection and knew that it would take them away from this place, warmth had spread through her limbs giving her the strength to stand.

Maelgywn wasted no time as the creature went down on one knee to allow them to climb on, he quickly assisted his sister and Em on to its broad back. There had been a moment of pause as he wanted to go to get his weapons, Lillabeth had sharply demanded that they leave before the magic wore off.

After jumping out of the window which she had crashed into, the horse quickly manoeuvred through the structured gardens and found her way into the surrounding forest. Em could hear Maelgywn cursing as he tried in vain to control the racing creature, until she stopped suddenly by a small stream.

Maelgywn immediately dismounted and helped his sister and Em to do the same. Em lent against the heaving sides of the horse as Maelgywn gently patted its nose.

“Well now what?” Maelgywn asked of the three of them, he shook his head and threw his hands up in the air as he made his way over to a fallen log.

“I have no idea” Lillabeth said wearily “I just wish to rest”

“We may not have that option, we need to find the others and more information on this flower…” He looked at Em “and a cure”

Lillabeth went and sat delicately next to her brother on the fallen log and gestured for Em to do the same. “Well, we need to find someone that knows about ancient myths and laws for that...” Looking at the young girl that now rested her head in Lillabeths lap, she sighed “How do you feel sweetheart?” She asked as she stroked Ems hair. Hoping that her intuition was right and somehow the poison that had been running through Em veins had somehow gone.

“I feel so tired, like someone drew every bit of energy they could from me.” Em mumbled as she closed her eyes under Lillabeths gentle stroking.

“Do you crave anything in particular?” Lillabeth asked gently, she looked at Maelgywn worriedly as Em made no response.

“Sweetling” Maelgywn started but smiled broadly as he realised that she was sleeping. “I think it might be best if we rested for a bit then if you tried to contact the rest of our party.” Maelgywn said softly to his sister.

Lillabeth nodded and gestured for Maelgywn to pick Em up, as soon as he did Lillabeth stood up and quietly murmured to herself whilst slowly walking in a circle. As soon as she was done she stood in the middle and bowed her head deeply.

“I have asked the Gods to protect us for a time, they have agreed and even given us blankets,” Lillabeth gestured to the bedding that appeared at her side. “Sometimes it’s quite useful not to constantly ask them for favours, they tend to respond when you need actually them.”

Maelgywn merely nodded, his shoulders hunched from exhaustion. “So we are safe for now?” he asked.

“For now” Lillabeth replied as she grabbed a large thick blanket and wrapped Em in it, Maelgywn watched as she grabbed another for herself. “The Gods will watch us Mael, you need to get some rest. She motioned to the last remaining blanket by her side. Nodding to the great golden horse she Lillabeth closed her eyes.

Em came awake to warm air being blown on her hair, shaking her head slightly she opened her eyes and peered around her. Maelgywn was on one side of her his arm thrown over his head as though warding off something and Lillabeth was curled up in a ball next on the other side. They were all wrapped in warm blankets made from a silky furry texture, in a glade by a stream that Em had no knowledge of, the sun was just starting to set in the distance.

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