10 - You Put the Rome in Romance (part 2)

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“Justin wants to go to a club tonight, do you guys wanna tag along?” Daniel asked over the phone. Lana and Izzy had found a little wine bar adjacent to the shopping district and were currently sitting on the patio.

“Justin… Sarah’s other brother?” Lana frowned, looking over at Izzy, who mouthed ‘is he hot too?’ Lana ignored her and continued. “Well, I’ll ask. Where did you want to meet?”

“I’ll come by your hotel at ten, if that’s cool? I’m sorry I can’t make it sooner, but…” Daniel trailed off.

“That’s fine,” Lana assured him. “At least I get to see you tonight.”

“Looking forward to it,” Daniel said and ended the call.  

“So?” Izzy questioned as Lana put her phone down. “Is he hot?”

“I thought you were into Jake,” Lana said pointedly.

“There’s nothing wrong with keeping your options open,” Izzy shrugged.

“You’re impossible,” Lana shook her head, amused.

“And you’re falling hard,” Izzy said, sipping her white wine. “Don’t get me wrong, Daniel’s great, but you’re kinda limiting yourself here. I mean, you have all of Europe at your feet, and you check your phone like every five minutes.”

“I don’t do that,” Lana objected, her eyes drifting to her phone lying on the table. When she glanced up at Izzy again, the blonde had her eyebrows raised pointedly. “Okay, so I don’t like to flirt with a bunch of guys,” she threw up her hands and leaned back in her seat. “What’s so wrong about that?”

“There’s nothing wrong with it, Lanie,” Izzy said, picking up her purse. “I’m just saying you always throw yourself into relationships without bothering to play the field first. Get a taste of what’s out there before you get all serious. Just some friendly advice,” she added disarmingly and took out a couple of bills to cover the tab. “Come on, let’s hit a few more shops before it’s time to hit the clubs.”

Lana sighed and rose from the table as well, following Izzy into the street. Maybe Izzy and Sebastian were right. Maybe she was putting all her eggs into one basket. Lana shook her head at her train of thought. Her years on the farm had certainly done wonders for her collection of metaphors…

“This is Justin,” Daniel called over the raucous sounds of the club he’d brought Lana and Izzy to, gesturing to a clean-shaven young man sporting a black leather jacket which contrasted greatly with his white-blond spiky hair.

“Hi! I’m Izzy!” Izzy immediately introduced herself and Lana took the opportunity to lean in and ask Daniel if Jake was coming too.

“No, he had a shoot tonight,” Daniel said. “Is Sebastian coming?”

“I texted him where we were going,” Lana shrugged. “He’s probably busy with Sarah.”

“Oh. Well, don’t let Justin hear that,” Daniel said and chuckled. “He might be the little bro but he’s got a mean right hook.”

“I’ll remember that,” Lana smiled and then turned to Justin, extending her hand. “Hi, I’m Lana!” she introduced herself.

“Pleasure,” Justin said and shook her hand. “Listen, I’ve got a table in the back, a lot more quiet. You girls wanna check it out?” he looked between Lana and Izzy, who seemed thrilled at the idea. Lana looked over at Daniel, who’d put his arm around her.

“I thought we could dance,” he said in her ear and Lana smiled up at him, nodding. “Maybe later, man,” he said to Justin, who shrugged and extended his hand to Izzy.

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