Friends with benefits

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Caitlin was at home trying to forget about everything that's been going on at star labs when has her life every been this messed up that she can't even eat her dinner without thinking about something or rather someone.

Barry was at home Iris had not come home yet and to him, that was expected, she was probably broken after there fight although that wasn't what his mind kept thinking about, although he tried to focus on Iris, his mind would run off to the event that he and his personal physician and gotten themselves into.

Caitlin started to wander around her home at this point she was wearing her PJ (At the top) she finally settled down and decided to read a book, although she read it 3 times, Caitlin was always amazed at how the book "The girl I used to be" always ended up making her feel.

Barry couldn't take it anymore he had to talk to Caitlin, what happened today was his fault he also needed to clarify that it was all a mistake, "but was it" he thought. Shaking his head to dismiss that idea he gathered himself and left to Caitlin's apartment.

Caitlin sits there in peace when she heard the doorbell ring. She puts her book away when she reaches the door and opens it she sees a nervous yet scared Barry.

"Barry are you okay," Caitlin says worriedly as she moves away to let him into her apartment

"No yeah, yeah I was fine are you" he says tumbling across his words

"I'm good, was just finishing up on some reading" she says sitting beside barry on the couch.

"Oh..good, Look Caitlin I just wanted to explain about earlier-"

"Barry it's fine I know that it was just the heat of the moment, I'm glade you felt comfortable to take that out on me."

Barry smiled warmly "how about we do something, movie, dinner, game, what do you wanna do?" He asked as If someone told hime he was indestructible.

"How about a movie, haven't seen a good movie in a year."

"Have you seen Avengers Endgame it's supposed to be epic."(at this point endgame is out 😉)

"No not yet" She says almost nervously

"Hey you okay, if you don't wanna watch it we don't-"

"No I wanna watch it its just um, I'm a geek when it comes these movies"

Barry smirked "Good because ever time I watch a movie I have to explain it to Iris, but I am also a fellow geek when it comes to these things."

Barry set the movie up, through the movie Caitlin would be so focus that she hadn't noticed that barry wasn't watching the movie but was looking at her.

Barry looked at her 'how can someone look so perfect and at peace' he thought. Slowly moving her to his lap.

Caitlin just looked up at him and smiled, this time she looked at Barry's lips, slowly they kissed both not knowing who took the first step.

Barry and Caitlin had been placed into the same position as the pipeline, barry kissing down Caitlin's neck, Caitlin moaning calmly. Caitlin's hand started roaming his body until it touched his special area, he let out a hungry groan. Caitlin did quick work of his belt while he pulled of her shirt,

Later both Caitlin and Barry where half naked with Caitlin in only he panties and bra and Barry in only his boxers. Barry carried Caitlin to her bed and placed her so that he was between her legs, still kissing barry pulled away looking at caitlin as if to ask for permission, Caitlin slightly nodded.

Barry unclipped her bra and pulled down her panties, he took of his boxers and without second thought her lined himself with her and proceeded to thrust into her. To Caitlin it felt like sparks until she noticed that there really was sparks. There had been lightning entering her core and with every thrust it was like being hit with lightning, but it was pleasing. Barry was taking Caitlin to new heights, Caitlin had screamed Barry's name spilling onto his length, with a dozen more thrusts he spilt into her releasing all his need and pleasure. They laid with Caitlin onto off Barry, himself still inside her and they both feel asleep.

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