Chapter eight

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Leant against the wall, Ochaco mentally slaps herself for doing that. Her breathing was the only sound for what seemed like hours, yet it was only three minutes. She then hears some loud and fast footsteps coming her way. She turns stiffly towards the sound. She came face to face with a worried Tsuyu.

"Hi." Tsuyu says, with her usual slight lisp.

"Hey," Ochaco starts. "I am so, so, so, sorry. I didn't me-" Tsuyu places a hand over the other's mouth, making her stop.

"Don't worry, Ochaco. He has calmed down... slightly.. heh. The teachers have it all under control."

There was a comfortable silence between them. They looked down at the ground until Tsuyu grabs Ochaco's hand. Then pulls her into a warm hug. They both stand in the hall in the hug. All of a sudden tears start to stream down Uraraka's cheeks. She falls down to the ground.


"I am so STUPID." She says, with wet cheeks. Her eyes were red and they stung.

"You're not stupid." Tsuyu comments. She sits beside Ochaco. Pulled into a tight hug, they both rest, eyes closed and sit in a comfortable silence.

Tsuyu pulls away and props Ochaco's head on her shoulder. Soft snores come from the brunette.

"I love you." Tsuyu whispers.

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Word count: 234

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