{e.d} period

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It was 3am and you suddenly have a cramp. Oh shit. It's the due date of your period today and you were at Ethan's.

Your cramps begin to grow worse as you clenched your stomach and scrunch you face up begging to sob.

This wakes up Ethan.

"Woah babygirl, hey what's up, are you ok?" He questions while leaning and turning the beside lamp on.

"Cr-cr-cramps" you whimper out.

"Okay babygirl, I'm gonna run you a bath."

"Stay there for a bit, here have a paracetamol"

You take the pill and in a couple of minutes Ethan called your name.

Due to your cramps you couldn't respond. He understands this and comes to the bed, and gently picks you up bridal style.

"I got you, shh, I got you" he says while carrying you to the bathroom.

He undresses you. You didn't care to much, as he has seen you naked a bunch of times and you were in too much pain to say anything.

After undressing you, he places you in a nice bubble bath which has rose petals and candels surrounding it.

He leans over and kisses your forehead,

"I love you."

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