Sleeping Alone

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It had felt weird not seeing Tenn when she woke up. Violet was so used to seeing that little boy in the bed next to her, that every morning she has to remind herself that he's gone. But the worst part for her was sleeping alone. She used to have nightmares, and Tenn always calmed her down. Not anymore...

Violet rubbed her eyes and stood up from her bed. She estimates it was around ten in the morning, by the brightness of her window. By this time, she'd assume that a few of the others were awake. She stood up and put on her boots, then headed out the door.

The first person Violet saw when she opened her door was her girlfriend.

"Oh, there you are. I was just about to wake you up. Omar has breakfast ready." Clementine said, sweetly.

"Good thing. I'm starving. I hope he has oranges." Violet said, turning to smirk at the brunette while helping her turn around.

Clementine gave her an "I'd kill you but I love you too much" glare before she giggled into the blondes sleeve.

"You almost sound like Louis" Clementine spoke between giggles.

"Well, someone might as well at this point." Violet joked back.

"Oh god, now you've pushed it too far." Clementine replied as Violet opened the door outside.


"What has... Two... Legs... An ugly... Beanie... And Vi... Is... Jealous of?"
Violet read over Louis's shoulder. She sneered at him, but ultimately wasn't too mad. She was just glad he's still making jokes. Clem is her only audience with her jokes.

"Hey! Lou, can I ask you a question?" Gabe asked as he walked towards Louis.

Violet started walking away, mainly because she was upset at the nickname. Only she calls him Lou. But then something caught her attention.

"I wanted to ask you... Um.. If you- uh... Thought I might- uhm- have a chance... With... Clementine...?" The boy with the beanie spoke softly and nervously.

Violet spun around real fast, making quick eye contact with Louis. The look of pure evil on his face was enough to make Violet want to burn his eyes off.

"Oh, really! Thank you, so so much! See ya later man!" Gabe almost shouted before skipping away.

"What." Violet said before pausing, and taking a step. "The." Another step. "Fuck." A third. "Did." Fourth. "You." She was getting closer to him. "Say."

She was practically on top of him by the last word, holding him by his shirt. He just smiled, and pointed at his note pad. Violet let go of him, and he sprinted away. She watched him scurry off before picking up the notepad and reading it quietly to herself.

"She likes you, but don't be obvious about it. Makes her nervous."

She scrunched up the paper, and she saw red. Anyone else, she would've kicked their ass. But, she loved Louis. Even if he is a dick sometimes.


Falling asleep was also hard. Violet was used to hearing Tenn snore in the bunk next to hers. She used to be annoyed by it, but she got used to it. Now that its gone, its too quiet. Its... Eerie. Keeps Violet alone in the quiet with her thoughts, and she didn't like that. The dumbest things would run through her head. Where did Omar find those Oranges? Was that one dude who got stabbed by his men in the book she was reading really dead? Why did Louis name his turtle "Geoff"? Where was her Chinchilla "Toes" at, at this point?

After what seemed like twenty minutes of laying awake, she realized it was gonna be a while before she fell asleep. She didn't fell... Secure. And there was only one person who made her feel safe.


205. Clementine's room number. Or was it 204? Half of it was scratched off, and no one cares enough to check the other ones to see what it is. She walked up to the door, walking quietly as to not make any sounds. With her candle in hand, she lifted up her left to knock quietly, but heard something that made her stop.

"I can't believe you." For a second, it sounded like Marlon. But Marlon was dead. Marlon... Is dead. Violet pressed her ear against the wall, listening closer.

"Don't come find me tomorrow." Footsteps came closer to the door, and Violet moved as to not be hit by a swinging door.

"Gabe?" She said, quiet but shockingly.

"What are you doing here?" He snapped back.

"I could ask you the same thing!" She whisper-shouted.

He scoffed at her, then turned and started walking away. Violet looked over into Clementines room, and saw her sitting on her bed, looking at a sleeping Aj with a solemn expression.

"Hey..." Violet said quietly, as she walked in to room. "You okay?"

Violet walked in front of Clem and bent down to get to her level. "Are you okay?" She asked again.

Clementine looked at her girlfriend, tears in her eyes. She opened her mouth, but no words came out.

"Clem... Please talk to me." Violet spoke sadly. Nothing. "Please say you're okay." Nothing. "Please tell me what happened." Still, nothing. "Please... Just say something." Silence.

Violet tilted her head down, trying not to cry. Seeing Clementine sad made her sad, and she didn't want to cry in front of her. Not now.

She tilted her head up. "Please... Tell me what I can do to make it better. To make you feel better." Now, there were tears in her eyes.

Clementine just looked at her, and almost smiled. She wrapped her arms around the blonde, and pulled her closer to her in a warm embrace.

"I love you." Clem spoke into Violet's neck.

The blonde's eyes opened quickly. Almost shockingly. But only for a second. She slowly smiled as she pulled away from the hug. "I love you too."

Clementines face was covered with tears, but the twinkle in her eyes was still there. Her warm smile was still there. She... She was there. In that moment.

Violet put her hand on Clementine's face. "You're so pretty..." She started, before scooting closer to her girlfriend. "How did I get so lucky..." Violet said, at this point a tearful mess herself.

"I'm the lucky one." Clementine said back.

"We are both the lucky ones." She said back to her girlfriend.

"Why... Did you come in here?" Clementine asked after a few seconds, breaking the silence.

"I... Couldn't sleep. Ever since Tenn... Ever since he died, I can't sleep. I haven't been... I needed to see you."

Clementine smiled at her, then scooted over on her bed. "Will you stay here tonight?" She asked, holding her hand out to her girlfriend."

Violet took her hand. "Yeah... I think I need this." She said as she climbed nect to her girlfriend.

"We both do." Clementine said, placing a gentle kiss across Violet's soft lips.

Did I cry making this? Maybe. And yeah its a cliffhanger about what happened between clem and gabe but too bad. Might villainize Gabe next chapter.


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