spending time with the family at Wayne Manor

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As per usual the house was quiet

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As per usual the house was quiet.  Mother is in the kitchen with Alfred, and the boys.  They are setting the table in the kitchen for dinner.  Cook is laughing with them.  Tonight they are having pot roast with roast veg and gravy.  Just what the typical rich family in Gotham would be eating on a Sunday night.   Cook has prepared the food.  She is off to her own house now.  "Alfred know's where everything is.  I see you in morning.  Goodnight." Mrs Osborne said with a smile.  She loved working here with the Wayne's.  She cooked dinner most nights, breakfast some day's and lunch if she was here.  Other than that Alfred did it.  "Bye Mrs Osborne.  Thank you again." Martha said as the woman packed up her coat and bag.  She nodded and smiled at the children and then at Alfred.  Then she was off in a flash of red.  The colour of her overcoat.  The one Martha had given her last Christmas.   

"She is just so excited to come and go inst she?" Bruce said with a smile at his Mother.  "Yes Bruce, that is why you have to make the help your friend." Martha said.  "So dose that mean Alfred over here is now our Uncle?" Tony asked with a laugh.  "No he most certainly is not Tony.  That job is mine and mine alone." Jack Napier said to the boy.  "Uncle Jack!" Tony said running to him. "I am sorry sir I did not hear the door." Alfred said.  "We never rang Alfred.  But Jackson and Rose are coming.  We do have bags thanks." Jack said.  "Right away Sir." Alfred sprung into action.  "So if you are here that means Jackson is?" Tony asked he was excited now.  Jackson was six years old.  He loved Jackson more like a brother than Bruce.  "Nice to see you Jack.  Thomas is in the den.  We will be ready for dinner soon." Martha said to him.  She never really liked him.  He was her sister's husband.  He always seemed to be making bad decisions.  He had made a lot of what Martha could only call dogie investments. "Thank you Martha.  I think I will go and see Thomas first." Jack said leaving them in the kitchen.  "Aunty Rose nice to see you." Bruce said hugging the woman.  "Nice to see you too Bruce.  Tony." She said inducing them both.  As she turned to Martha for a hug.  Jackson walked in.  Even at six he liked to make an entrance.

"Well hello Aunties and Cousins.  Jackson is here." He said holding out his arms, in greeting.  Martha cuffed him as he passed her.  She still in a hug with Rose.  Bruce run to him to high five him.  Then he and Tony shook with their secret hand shake.  "So what's been going on this side of the town?" Jackson said with a laugh.  "Tony has a girlfriend." Bruce said without hesitation.  "Have you?" Jackson asked smileing at him.  "No.  She is a girl I met at school.  A friend.  Who's Dad happens to be a police man." Tony said to Jackson.  "Well it is good to see you are on the right side of the law.  Not like me." Jackson said laughing.  "Lets play." He said running with Tony.  "You boys be back here in five.  Dinner is ready." Martha said.  "Yes Mum." Tony said.  "Yes Auntie." Jackson said as they run off into the house. 

The next morning over breakfast.  Tony and Bruce in their Gotham Academy uniforms.  "So what is her name?" Jackson asked Tony.  "Samantha Kean." Tony said.  "That name is not one of Gotham's finest.  Is it? " Jackson asked.  "Well yes actually.  But there is a little scandal involving the Mother." Thomas said with a grin.  "Oh shock horror.  You had better not see her again Tony.  She might bring shame to the Wayne Name." Jackson said laughing. "I can not see her.  She is in my class." Tony said laughing.  "No one said you were not to see her.  Or be friends with her.  You are both five.  What harm can be done at five?" Thomas said with a smile.  "Well said old man." Jack said sipping on his coffee.  "Well come on boy's or you will not be seeing Miss Samantha at all today." Alfred said as he rounded up the boys for school.  "You know Thomas I really don't like the Butler." Jack said just loud enough for Alfred to hear.  "We think you are neat." Bruce said hugging the man.  "Thank you Master Bruce, Master Tony." Alfred said as he slipped into the car.  

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