Heat of the moment

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Barry sent Nora away when he got back everyone was in the cortex looking confused, he looked around then sat down and started typing.

"Barry where is Nora ?" Iris asks

"I brought her back to the future" he says as if no big deal

"You did what?" Iris practically screams 

at this point everyone was making there way out when Caitlin whispered into Barry's ears      "Don't let Nora's mistake determine you and Iris's future" when Caitlin walked out iris started to talk.

"You took are daughter back to the future?" "I can't trust her, SHE LIED TO US FOR MONTHS" "I didn't even get a chance to say goodbye" she cried to barry before leaving the room.


barry walks out 'she thinks its my fault' he thought making his way to the pipeline to find Caitlin holding her ring and just staring at it.

"You okay?" Barry asks almost completely calmed down 

"Yeah, yeah I was just thinking, how are you and Iris in all of this"

"I don't know Cait, she thinks that after Nora betrayed everyone that its my fault for sending her back." 

Caitlin gave him her signature smile " you know I completely agree with what you did, Nora did betray all of us, she was also not even supposed to be in this timeline." Looks into his eyes "but think of how Iris feels, from what Nora says Iris wasn't   such a grate mother to her in the future and she is just trying to make up for it." The pair kept staring at each others  until the started leaning in, 

Barry's eyes went to her lips, slowly there lips touched, It was soft and loving but also needy and aggressive. Barry placed Caitlin so that his legs where in between Caitlin's and that she was practically on his crotch doing so while not breaking the kiss she slowly pushed him back so that he was laying down and her on top. Slowly the kiss became heated, Barry grabbed her ass making her moan and it gave him a chance to slide his tongue into her mouth, after separating for air barry kissed down her neck and ripped her shirt open leaving her in a bra. 

Before doing anything else, Cisco's talked threw a speaker

"Hey barry, are you down there we need you up here." 

Barry continued to kiss her neck and then stopped connecting there lips together in a quick kiss then resting there heads on one another's. Barry was still laying down Caitlin on top.

"You should probably get up there" caitlin still out of breath and getting off him

"Ya we should" slowly walking away he heard caitlin start to talk

"Barry, can you get me a star labs sweater, you ripped my shirt" 

"Oh sorry" he left and came back with sweat that said star labs

She took it without a word, Barry's ran up to meet them back in the cortex.

'That was weird' said frost

'Oh.. What did I do I don't like him anymore, plus he has a wife and a daughter'

'So what was it then" frost responded 

'It was...It was... the heat of the moment, we where both venerable and needed reassuring' she said almost believing it herself

Meanwhile barry.

'what did I do I don't like anymore plus I'm married and I have a child. It was...It was...just the heat of the moment yeah that was all'

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