Chapter 11 .

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Jeanylice .

That night I went home, I was pissed. Pissed off at the fact that Chris basically called me a bitch and the fact that he won't tell me what the hell happened between him and August. He's being so difficult when he can just make shit easy and tell me, it's not that hard. I laid on my bed, just thinking myself into a bad mood. I wanted Chris to appear even though I was mad at him, but I wasn't about to call him. The arguing that occured between Selena and Felix only got worse as I laid here. Felix was pissed off because I came in an hour after curfew and Selena didn't care. He ain't my daddy he really need to stop his shit, I'm tired of him thinking he runs me-- he don't run shit. I let my phone vibrate a few times before I checked it.

August ; Hey you ight?

Me ; Yes I'm good, are YOU okay? Is your house good?

August ; Yeah, the kitchen just a lil damaged, my momma gon' kill me.

Me ; Damn well atleast you're okay.

I locked my phone quickly when I heard glass shattering downstairs. I groaned when I ran to my door, but Chris stopped me when he walked through.

"Your momma good I broke the glass."

I clenched my chest in relief as I laid back down in my bed. Chris laid next to me but I moved away because clearly I was still mad.

"Listen shawty," he began, "I'm sorry I ain't mean to call you a bitch-- that's not what you are, you just really got me mad, it won't happen again."

"That's not the only thing I'm mad about..."

"Please don't tell me you feelin' some type of way cause I set that nigga house on fire."

"You didn't have to go that far Christopher!"

"You know what, I'm not gon' tell you why I hate him-- I'ma show you."

Suddenly, I was back in the kitchen where Chris and his mom's dead body laid lifelessly on the floor.

"Pops you home?" I heard a voice that sounded much like August's. When he walked into the kitchen he covered his mouth in shock as he examined the bodies. "Ya said you was done with dis' shit."

"I know son." Felix put his head down, then threw the bloody knife into the sink. "Help me get these out of here." They then dragged Chris's body to the pit of the backyard-- and that is where they buried. They left Chris' mom's body on the kitchen floor and suddenly I was back in my room.

"Why didn't you tell me this before Christopher?"

"Because I wanted him to tell you for himself, but I guess not. He was a pussy back then, and he still a pussy. Do you understand now though?"


"You sure? Cause yo ass slow."

I chuckled, throwing a pillow which only went right through him. "You love me Chris?"

"Always and forever, and I'll never let anyone hurt you shawty, I'll be by your side through whatever-- literally."

"I lo--" I was cut off by the sound of Selena's piercing scream. I scurried down the stairs only to see her hand gushing blood and Felix with a knife in his hand. I felt a tinge of deja vu and by the look of Chris' face, I know he felt it too.

"Stop!" I screamed, successfully removing the knife from his hand. "What the hell is wrong with you! What did you do to her!?"

"I'm okay honey," Selena implied, "just go upstairs."

"What, so he can kill your ass? Yeah real smart mom!"

Silence struck throughout the house as I finished my sentence. "What?"

"You just called me mom."

I scoffed, "no I didn't, don't be ridiculous." I haven't called Selena 'mom' since my dad killed himself.

"Yeah you did." Chris said, appearing behind her.

"Whatever, this is not what this is about." I began, "you need to leave this asshole, he's fucking crazy! He's a murderer for crying out loud!"

If looks could kill, I would be six feet under right now. Both Felix and Chris' facial expressions scared me half to death.

"Jeany if you don't shut the fuck up." Chris said, "you wasn't supposed to say that."

"Jeanylice Angelina, go to your room right now!" Selena yelled.

"Well sorry for tryna help your stupid ass out!" As I stomped out the kitchen, I heard something drop to the floor-- hard.

It was Selena, my mom-- with a knife in her back.

"Get out of here Jeany!" Chris yelled, "go to my grandmother's house! HURRY!"

"I can't leave her!" I cried.

"Jeany go!" He screamed as Felix came lunging at me. I pulled away and ran to the front door, only to get pulled back by Felix. Chris opened the front door and pried him off of me-- pushing me out.

And I ran.

I ran as fast as I could.

Shivering as I watched the snow fall, but I ran.

Ignoring the fact that I didn't have a coat.

But I ran.

I knocked on Ruby's door praying for her to answer, and luckily she did.

"Hey sw---, where's your coat? Oh my goodness come in!"

I hurried inside and sat on the couch, shivering as I tried to warm my arms up.

"Hold on child let me get you a blanket."

A couple minutes later she came back and wrapped the blanket over me.

"What's going on baby? Are you alright?"

To be continued ...

* * *

You know I'm famous for my cliffies!

But damn bruh, so much going on at once.

First thing's first.... Some of y'all guessed it, August did have a small part in Chris' death-- I would hate his ass too. Give me your thoughts on that!

And SELENA?! Oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh, thoughts on that?

Do you think Selena is dead? O.o

How do you think this is gonna effect Jeanylice? Chris?


I'm also happy to see the dramatic difference. This story was #602 yesterday and now it's #202, I don't know if that means anything but I'm kinda happy :D

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