Chapter 2

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"And so I say to Roger over here, 'no don't go into the woman's bathroom! Because you're a man that's why!'" That's it.

"Can I grab your attention for a quick minute?" Nobody looked in my direction. John, Brian, and Freddie were in the circle talking amongst themselves. "Hey!" I waved my arms about but to no avail. I looked around and saw the coffee table that would have to do. I climbed on top of it and waved my arms like I was signaling for help. "HEY!" At this, they jumped apart. "Christ Roger, you didn't have to yell!" Really?

"Can I call a quick band meeting? Huddle up now!" All three men sat on the couch as I jumped down from the coffee table. "So.. I have some very important information to share with you, and before I do, please don't think less of me." I was fucking nervous, but I didn't know why. I'm in a band with some of the most supporting, accepting people in the world. "What is it, Rog? You can tell us anything," Brian looked concerned. I decided to just come out and say it, if you will.

"I don't want to be seen as a man in your eyes from this day forth." They looked terribly confused. "What do you mean, dear?" Freddie sat forwards and folded his arms. "What I mean is.. well- I'm trying to say- what I mean is that I want to be a girl!" I braced myself to get showered with hugs and congratulations and questions about my pronouns. However, I didn't get the reaction I wanted.

"Ha! You can't possibly be serious!" What?! Freddie stood up and put his hand on my shoulder. "I'm sorry, I must agree with Brian over there, I mean you're not a girl, you're a man!" I put my hand on his wrist and ripped it from my body. "H- OW! What the bloody hell was that for?!" "FUCK ALL OF YOU! I AM COMING OUT AND SAYING SOMETHING THAT'S BEEN ON MY CHEST FOR THE PAST 35 FUCKING YEARS AND YOU DISMISS IT AS NOTHING!!" At my outburst- and sudden appearance of tears- John stood up. "Well Freddie is technically right, you've got a pe-" "I QUIT!"

And with that, I stormed off. To where, I couldn't tell you.

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