Chapter 1: Welcome to UA

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3rd POV

A small, pale, black-haired boy around the age of 6 was hiding in a corner, shaking. Footsteps could be heard in the hallway.

"Come out, come out wherever you are..."

The small boy looked around, tears in his eyes. He jumped up and started running, but the voice found him. A woman holding a beer bottle stood over him, smiling. The boy looked up at her in fear.The woman lifted up the bottle, and swung it down.The boy screamed.


Sero Hanta woke up in a cold sweat, looking around his room. He sighed, relieved. It was just a nightmare. He checked the time: it was 4:38. Knowing he probably wasn't going back to sleep, he got up and walked to the kitchen. Since it was Saturday, he didn't have to get ready for school (thank god). As he was making himself a bowl of cereal, a black-haired woman with rosy cheeks walked into the kitchen, rubbing her eyes.

"Morning, Aunt Okashi." said Sero, smiling. His aunt looked at him, surprised: she didn't realize he was awake. "Why're you up so early, Hanta?", Okashi asked worriedly, "Was it another nightmare?" Sero's smile faltered.

He didn't like to talk about it, but ever since the UA Entrance Exams, Sero had been having constant nightmares. Usually, they were about him failing, but sometimes they involved...other things. He looked away from his aunt, ashamed. Okashi sighed, "Hanta, it's fine, everyone get scared at times. Now I'm going back to bed. I'm not some early bird like you." Sero laughed as his aunt stumbled back to her room, yawning. He sat on the couch and ate his cereal in their living room, perching his feet on a small coffee table in front of him.

Thirty minutes had passed. Out of nowhere, Okashi bursted out of her room, panicked. "D*MMIT!" she screamed. Sero looked at her in alarm. "Uggggh, I'm supposed to be at work! That's why I woke up early!" She looked at Sero. "Look, I'll be gone for a while, honey. Call me if anything's wrong, okay?" Sero nodded, "Okay." His aunt looked at the time, almost screamed again, grabbed a banana, and rushed out the door.

Sero POV

I laugh: Aunt Okashi is always late to work, so this happens every single morning. I grab the remote and turn on the tv. An hour later, I'm watching some heroes fighting when I feel my phone buzz in my pocket. I look at it and groan: Kirai had texted me.

Bullseye: sup gaya*s

I read his text, roll my eyes, and respond.

Tape-boi: wut do u want

Bullseye: ur so fat and ugly

Bullseye: nobody luvs u

Bullseye: go find a gun and shoot urself

Tape-boi: im deleting u now

Tape-boi: bai

I delete Kirai from my contacts and get off my phone, sighing. Sadly, me and Kirai go way back; we met when we were seven, and were friends for a long time. So in the 6th grade, after coming out to my aunt, I decided to come out to him as well.

Worst. Mistake. Of my life.

At first, he seemed fine with it. But soon people started giving me dirty looks and whispering about me. Apparently, Kirai had taped me coming out to him and posted it online. I confronted him, and we had a huge fight. He's been harassing me ever since. I shove my face into a pillow. At least he got one thing right: if I decided to shoot myself, pretty sure no one would even care.

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