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Major Kenneth Woodward sputtered a laugh. You could have knocked me over with a feather when the King of Atlantis walked in my office.

Not really a king, I guess, but my, my, did he look the part. All gussied up in that shimmery blue light armor, striding into my office like he owned the place with his own squad of soldiers.

Jorah. That's what he said his name was. Gave me my next mission. Take the cure for this god-awful disease to the proper place. Get it distributed to the people. Save the world.

What self-respecting military man wouldn't want a mission like that? Isn't that what we live for? An honest-to-goodness save-the-world mission?

Major Woodward sputtered a few more times. Wish I could've completed this one.

It had been decided that a small detail would be sent out to move the cure from the base in South Carolina to the medical facility in Virginia. A large convoy would attract too much attention. The word was out. Atlantis existed and was the answer to the disease destroying humankind. It would've been too dangerous to make a big deal of taking the cure the few hours north. Small and quiet was safer.

Until it wasn't.

Just past the Virginia border, less than an hour from their destination, it happened. A large group of frightened Infected rampaging the countryside attacked the army Jeep ahead of the Major's.

Whatever the Infected threw into that vehicle was the end of that car full of soldiers in an instant, fire and explosion made sure those brave men would never grapple with the AgFlu or see their loved ones again.

The Infected had come after the Major's Jeep next. The Major pulled the case with the cure close to him, his brawny arms like steel around it while the soldier driving the Jeep weaved around the road trying to get past the crazed group of Infected fighters.

Another explosion in front of them and to the side toppled the Major's Jeep. The Major was quick though. With the help of the one conscious soldier left, they went out the window, which was now above them, pulling the case with them.

The two stood on the vehicle towering above the milling crowd below. The Major tried to get their attention, tried to tell them what he held in his hands, that it could save them but his pleading couldn't be heard above their frightened screeches and angry screams.

With regret, the Major ordered the soldier to fire into the crowd, and he did the same, in the hope they would scatter. But the mob was too large and too angry. 

Instead, they swarmed the Jeep and pulled the soldier and the Major to the ground. The two military men fought them off, and grabbing up the case ran for the open field alongside the road.

One tall man with glassy eyes picked up a large tree branch from the ground and swung it, striking the soldier that ran for his life beside the Major. He fell to the ground.

The tall man pulled the gun from the dead soldier's hand. He shot at the back of the still running Major. He missed. Grimacing at his marksmanship, he passed the gun off to the short man beside him and ran after the Major.

Major Woodward had been in the military for long enough that he could feel how a mission would go. He'd had a bad feeling about this one from the get-go, but he'd ignored it. After all, what choice did he have? It was a save-the-world mission in the truest sense.

But when he felt a sharp sting to his leg and the limb stopped working as it should, when he stumbled backward, dropping the case, and felt a tremendous pressure through the middle of his body, he knew he should have listened to his gut.

Now he sat on the ground, the same branch that impaled him also holding him up. The Major tried to huff out the warning but even though his mouth moved, no sound came out.

"What is this? Why is it so important?" the tall man said as he kicked the case containing the cure.

A shorter man rubbed his runny nose as he bent down and tried to open it. "It's locked." He pointed the soldier's gun at the case's lock and fired. It took two bullets before the latch was destroyed, and it opened. The short man threw the case open to reveal the vials within.

The tall man reached down and picked up one of the vials, holding it to the light. "What is this?" he asked again turning to the Major.

The Major strained to pull in enough breath to huff out what he needed to say. The tall man bent closer to hear him. "It's... the..."

Glass shattered and flew high into the air as the short man blasted at the case with his borrowed gun.

The Major's eyes widened, then shut. "...cure."

The tall man stepped back in surprise and turned crouched to the ground desperately searching the case for any vials still intact. "They're gone! They're all gone!"

The Major's eyes flooded and tears streamed down his face. It was the first time he remembered crying since he was a boy. But he figured it a man was going to cry, the day he died was a good day to do it.

Maybe all this was bound to happen anyway, or maybe he could've saved the world if he'd listened to his gut, who knew? The Major shook his head as he exhaled his last breath. Now, no one was being saved, no one at all.

The End.

A/N: I hope you enjoyed Sea Bound. :) If you are hoping to see Ian and Sonora again, you will! They will be showing up in SA2: The Captured.

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