New Day, New Chaos

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I woke up, and quickly got dressed. I sped to the classroom. My alarm hadn't gone off, but I wasn't late. Yet. I slid around the corner, and fell. I busted my head on the corner, and immediately started to bleed. I was dizzy, but I got up. I held my hand to my forehead, and found the bathroom. I held paper towels to my head until it no longer bled. I inspected the gash. Oh Lord. I chuckled at myself. The gash reached from under my right eye, all the way to my hairline. Well.. I cleaned it with the soap, and cautiously went to class. I entered a bit light-headed. "Sorry.. I'm a little late. Had a little.." I took a deep breath. "Mishap.." I said, and made my way to my desk. I stumbled. I was caught by Aizawa. "You can skip today. But, you will have to catch up." He said, and lead me back toward the door. I exited and bumped into.. Lord. None other than 1-B. "Oh, what's this? One of 1-A's students!? INJURED!? SKIPPING CLASS!? OH! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!" I rolled my eyes at Monoma. "Seriously dude?" I asked. "WITH THAT GASH, YOU ARE SO UGLY!" He screamed, laughing. "Good. I was trying to look like you." I smirked. "At least I can get a girlfriend!" He cried. "Boy please, my phone battery lasts longer than your relationships." I snickered. "You are such a kid!" He screamed. "Really? Because I am a bigger man than you will ever be." I said, gesturing to the air. "Y-You are so dumb!" He cried, desperate for a win now. "I can eat a bowl of alphabet soup and poop out a better insult than that." I said. He opened his mouth to speak. Then shut it, turning away. The rest of 1-B stared at me. I turned and stuck a pose. "Take a picture, it'll last longer." I winked, and strode away. I was grinning wildly. I went to the dorms, pleased with myself. Katsuki was sitting on the couch. "Why, hello there." I said. He grunted. "Why are you here?" I asked. "Suspended." I chuckled. "What'd you do this time?" I asked. "I almost blew up that sadistic son of a--" "Monoma?" He grunted. "Yeah, I ran into him too." I said, sitting next to him with ice cream. "What did you do?" He asked. I smirked. "I roasted him into the next life." I said. "You did not." He shifted toward me. "I did." I giggled, eating my ice cream. He took the spoon, then took a bite. "Hey!" I cried, snatching the spoon back. "Man, I wish I was there!" He said. At that exact moment, Denki burst through the door, holding his phone. "BAKUGOU! YANAGI TOLD MONOMA OFF IN THE HALLWAY!" He screamed, jumping over the side of the couch, and handing Katsuki the phone. I listened, pleased. "Oh. My. God." Katsuki said. I stood up. "Oh, hey Yanagi." Denki waved. "Hey." I said, eating the rest of my ice cream on the way to the sink. "How'd you come up with all those comebacks?" Denki asked. "Well, when I was around.. Nine, I used to play alot of online games with a bunch of older people. I got a headset and constantly got teased and roasted. So, I went about coming up with comebacks, then modifying them to the conversation. Let's just say alot of men lost their will to fight. They rage quit." I winked.

Later on, I laid in my bed, my head aching from my gash. I shut my eyes. I took a deep, stablizing breath. I opened my eyes and got up. I went to my window, and opened it up. I pulled my desk chair toward it. I sat down, propping my feet up on my desk, and putting in earbuds. I listened to my favorite kind of music. Any kind really, it just has to have no words. I let the cold air blow on my face. It was a nice day. Sunny, but with the occasional chilly wind. No clouds in the sky. Beautiful. I closed my eyes, and smiled. I hummed along to the tunes, and eventually fell asleep. In a desk chair. By the window.

~Katsuki's POV~

I knocked on Yanagi's door. No answer. This little. I rammed my fist against it. "OI! SHORTY! OPEN THIS DOOR!" I screamed. Still no answer.. That worried me, especially because of yesterday. I opened the door to see.. A sleeping Yanagi, by the window. Her feet were up on the desk, bare. Her chair was reclined, and she had her eyes closed. She looked so peaceful. Her phone was in her lap, earbuds connected to it. She had fallen asleep listening to music. I smirked. Ooh, this was going to be so much fun. I went closer to her, and leaned over her. I edged the window open a bit more. Then in one quick motion, I tore her earbuds out, waking her up. I grabbed her by the shirt, and pushed her toward the window. She screamed. She struggled, but her back was to me. She rammed her heel into my toes, and I shut my eyes tight in pain. When I opened them, she was facing me, her eyes wide. Filled with tears. Terrified. Oh crap.. She.. "N-Not y-y-you too.." She whispered, and I took a step toward her. My own eyes were wide, and I knew what I looked like. I looked insane. But.. I was scared, scared I had taken it too far. She stumbled back, turned around, and jumped out the window. Black wings grew from her back and she soared into the air. I jumped after her, propelling myself with my explosions. I reached her, but she wrapped her wings around herself and dropped toward the ground. I went to follow her, but I maneuvered wrong, and went spiraling down. My arm hurt like hell now.. She was running from me. Well, I deserved it. I scared her. I probably gave her paranoia and anxiety and all that shit. PTSD, even. Crap. My feet hit the ground, but I toppled over. I scrambled up. I raced after her. She was back in her room. The door locked. I ran back out, and looked up at her window. Closed. Locked. She was pacing. I flew up toward her window. Her curtains were drawn. I saw her shadow. Her hands were in her hair, and I saw the rapid, frantic rise and fall of her shoulders, her breathing. DAMMIT!

"What the hell have I done..?"

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