17|trailer park trash

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So I was reading The_girlwholived's random book and it kinda inspired this mess so here we are.

My family has always just barely managed to stay above the poverty line. We had only got money by the time I was 14 to finally be 'middle class'.

We bounced in and out of trailer parks most of my life growing up.

It annoys me that poor people and/or trailer park people are portrayed so badly. They're portrayed always like their druggies or it's somehow their fault for not having money.

That is sometimes the case yeah but a lot of times it's not poor people's fault that they are in their current situation.

It just annoys me that no one is willing to try to fix poverty because it's "their fault they're in that situation" and "if they actually did some work they wouldn't be living like that".

Also the stereotype that everyone who lives in trailer parks is trashy really hurts to people in that situation.

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