Chapter 39: Last chapter

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Recap of the dream

I saw something in my hand, it was a knife. Unwillingly I stabbed him. "NO!" I yelled tears in my eyes. He fell to the ground blood running out of his body. "It is all your fault." He said to me as I crumbled to the ground.


I woke up in cold sweat and tears running down my cheeks. I see Alex and Daniel sitting in the chairs asleep. I drag myself out of the bed, I can't stay here. My heart ached out of the memories, it can't be real. It is just a nightmare, yeah that's what it is. 

I walk into the bathroom, why am I at the hospital again? I'm not hurt or anything, I look at myself in the mirror. I am a mess, my hair was in tangles my tear streaked face looked back at me with no emotion. 

I wash my face quickly, I slap my face slightly trying to wake up. This can't be real, I slap even harder but nothing happens. I slap even harder, an echo of my slap could be heard. I began sobbing, no it can't be real!

I slide down the door in agony, my heart feels like it has been cut out of my body. I couldn't say anything, or move it. I was just staring at nothing with my lifeless eyes. 

I must have been there for hours because suddenly a banging on the bathroom door came. "SKY!? ARE YOU IN THERE? ARE YOU OKAY?" Alex's voice yelled out through the door, banging went harder and harder.

I could not respond even if I wanted to, my voice was lost. "Sky, if you don't come out in the next ten seconds I WILL break the door down." Alex said and Daniel must have heard it too because the next thing I heard was. "Break the door down? Dude you couldn't have done it even if you tried." He said with a small laugh trying to raise the mood.

I scooted over so that I wasn't in the way if he managed to break it down. You would not believe the next thing that happened. The door fell down with a thud with Alex and Daniel on the floor with it. 

They quickly got off the floor and hugged me. "Sky, I know how you feel and I'm sorry." Alex said to me in a caring voice. "Know how I feel? Are you kidding me?" I snapped taking them by surprise. "You have no idea how this feels Alex!" I yelled at him standing up. 

"You have no idea how it feels to have the person you love the most killed! Killed by the man who killed half of your family! Tortured you! Raped you." I yelled then in a whisper at the last, tears running down my face. 

"Sky, that was not what I meant." He said hugging me, I returned the hug soaking his sweater with tears. "I know you might not be ready, but his funeral is tomorrow." Alex said into my head kissing my forehead.

"So that means, he really isn't coming back is he?" I asked tears in my eyes that I tried to hold back but failed. "No, I am so sorry Sky." Alex said pulling me in a hug, which Daniel joined in on. 

"I-I need some time alone, please." I said to them which they nodded their heads and left. I walked out of the bathroom and straight out of the hospital. I went to Alex's car and just drove off. I don't know where I was going but I just kept driving.

I somehow ended up in the forest way which Ca-never mind I can't say his name. When me and him went for that walk with the cliff and the amazing view. (If this isn't right, then I am going to jump off a cliff since I messed up the story line, so good times.) 

I began walking on the path, it really just made me miss him more. All the things I wanted to do with him, I wanted him to be the one and only for me. 

I kept walking, I began to become a little tired, with him I would not think about that. I wish that it would have been me and not him. I finally got to the cliff after a few struggling moments. 

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