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This book is having a character and plot change. I felt that I had a better way to use this title and I have decided that I'm gonna change this story into a gang au because I've never written one. I'm also adding another character to Tae and Koo's relationship so this will be polyamorous. 

Anywho Jeongguk is once again a bottom because bottom koo rules, but i'm not against top koo because he can pull both off, as long as jeongguk's soulmate tae tae is with him oof. Okay now I'm done preaching my taekook are literal soulmates agenda, lets go to fucking NAMKOOK. THE BEST PLATONIC SOULMATE PAIRING EVER. 

Our little bun came to bighit because of joonie, and their relationship is so cute, did you see all the admiration in koo's eyes when he looked a joon T-T. I know this was supposed to be a notice but I just had too. 

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