"3. 2. 1. Clear!"


"Try again!

3. 2. 1. Clear!"


"One more time!

3. 2. 1. Clear!"

Beep beep beep.

"We got him! He's alive still unconscious!" A paramedic yelled.

"Arriving at the hospital now!"

Doors were whipped open.

Lance was taken out of the ambulance and into the hospital.

"Oh my god!" A woman shouted. "Lance!"


"Nurse McClain. You need to step back. He needs to go into surgery now." One of the Doctors said.

"Save my son. Please." Roberta sobbed.

Another Nurse came up and pulled Roberta into a hug. "Nurse McClain I give you permission to have the time off until your son is better."

"I have to call Veronica and Keith." Roberta said shakily grabbing her phone and calling her daughter first.

"Mom? Aren't you at work?" Veronica voice rang.

"Veronica. You need to come to the hospital now. Please. It's your brother."

On the other end of the phone you can hear Veronica stop what she was doing.

"Mama? What happened?" Veronica cried.

"It looks like he was attacked. Come quick please."

"I'm on my way!"

One down. One to go.

"Ma'am this is the person who saved your son." A police officer came over. "He said he wants to tell you and us what happened at the same time."

"Ma'am my name is Coran. Lance is a student of mine. I was walking home after getting a smoothie when I seen three boys come out of the alleyway. Two of them covered in blood and one with a blood covered knife. The one in the middle had white hair. We've had issues with him before. His name is Lotor Dibazaal. I believe his friends names are Zethrid and Narti. I'm not sure what their last names are though. I went into the alleyway they came from concerned that someone was hurt. That's when I found Lance. He was unconscious when he got there." Coran explained the situation. "That's when I called an ambulance."

"Thank you." Roberta cried.

Veronica arrived and went over to her mom.

"Mama?" She asked.

"Lance was attacked by Lotor. The guy we seen last night." Roberta said.

A doctor then came over.

"Mrs. McClain. I'm Dr. Sanjay. There's something you should know that happened in the ambulance." Dr. Sanjay took a deep breath. "Your son died In the ambulance."

"What!" Roberta shot up out of her seat. And Veronica started to sob.

"Luckily the paramedics saved him before he was fully gone."

"Oh my god." Roberta collapsed a hand covering her mouth.

"He's in surgery now due to a stab wound and loss of blood." Dr. Sanjay informed.

"Thank you." Veronica spoke up for her mother.

Dr. Sanjay nodded. "My pleasure." And with that he was gone.

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