Chapter 19

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~Before Keith gets the call about Lance being in the hospital. Back to when Lance left Keith's house~

Lance needed to hit something. Anything. He was just to angry with himself. Upset with himself. He didn't know how much of Lotors stuff he could take.

He knew as soon as he got angry, that he wouldn't be able to control himself. That's why he left. He was scared he was going to hurt his friends, his soulmate. He couldn't bear the thought of hurting Keith.

So what better place to go to then the gym? He left the car behind deciding it would be better to walk there.

But who knew he was being followed.

Half way to the gym. That's all. Half of way there. That's when it happened. It was unexpected

"Now!" A voice yelled out. Lance whipped around to get a look at who it was but before he could do anything he was tackled to the ground.

Pain. That's all he could feel. Pain.

"Alright boys, hold him down." The one in control said. "Wow. Isn't this a sight to see."

"Lotor." Lance spat, venom laced his voice. He wanted to get up and wipe that smirk right of his face. But Lotors lackey's were pinning him down.

"Lance. Cheery as ever I see." Lotor said sarcastically.

"What the hell do you want!" Lance yelled.

"Shh." Lotor hushed. "I think you know what I want. Keith."

"Well you can't have him!" Lance growled. "He's mine!"

"Well then. I guess we will have to do this the hard way. Proceed boys." Lotor said snapping his fingers.

Lance struggled to get free. But the punches kept a coming.

A sharp object suddenly came down on his shoulder.

Lance screamed in pain. Black dots covering his vision. The punches kept coming as well as the stabs.

That's when a blow to the head knocked him out.

"That's enough." Lotor said shoving a piece of paper in Lance's pocket of his jeans. "Let's go."

Blood was covering Zethrids shirt.

Luckily for Lance someone spotted the three boys coming out of the alleyway and went the way they came from.

Spotting Lance the male called 911 immediately.

The ambulance showed up fast.

"Male. He's got a stab wound! Multiple bruises! He's loosing a lot of blood!" A paramedic yelled.

"Hook him up!" Another one said.

The paramedics hooked him up to a machine. Motoring his heart.

"His pulse is getting weak! We're losing him!"

"Sir! He's not breathing! His pulse is gone!"

"Get the Electric shock paddles." (Also called Defibrillator. A shock that wakes the heart. It's a treatment called Defibrillation.)

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