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Rebecca ran into the restroom at the venue, making sure to lock the door behind her. She tore open the box and took one of the plastic sticks out and just stared at it. She hadn't done anything to it so it was blank for now.. but how? How is it that this little stick would either be the biggest relief of her life or would absolutely change her life in a matter of minutes..

She read the instructions, did what had to be done and waited.. and waited.. and waited.. it was the longest three minutes of her life and then her phone went off. She looked over at the test that was sitting on the white porcelain sink, unable to read it from against the wall she knew she had to get closer. She inched her way slowly and apprehensively towards it before her eyes registered what was on the screen and then her brain caught up and she almost fell over. She grabbed the edges of the sink to steady herself as she kept reading the same thing over and over again 'Pregnant'

"No" she said "No.. it's a false positive.." she shook her head "that's not right" she said and turned to the side looking at her reflection in the mirror "I look fine.. it's not right.." she said dismissing the test in front of her

She placed the test in her purse and ran out of the restroom and straight into the strong torso of one Colby Lopez.. the exact person she didn't want to see while she was all out of sorts because he would know it immediately

"Woah.." he said grabbing her shoulders to steady her "easy.." he said and she took a breath "Are you okay?"

"Yeah.." she nodded "Yeah I'm fine" she lied "I'm just late" she said "I mean. I've got a meeting.." she stuttered

"Are you sure you're okay?" He asked

"I'm fine!" She snapped as she broke away from his grasp and ran down the hall as fast as she could

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