Halloween One-Shot

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By TaintedLove (Paige)

Fan-Fiction of "A Proscriptive Relationship" and my entrance for the contest.

"Oh Holly, you just look so cute!" Her mother cried, unseen but heard.

I waited with Jeremy and Lance at the door in a ridiculous vampire costume. Lance had me go the whole nine yards with my hair combed back and dyed black, plastic fangs in my mouth and fake blood dripped down my chin. The black cape was itchy and the tight shirt hurt. I felt the urge to punch both of them, but I stayed calm as I heard Holly's mother scurrying around in her bedroom upstairs while she stayed silent.

I felt anxious, wondering what she was going to be for Halloween. A witch? That didn't match Holly. A maid? I probably shouldn't even think about that one. I looked over to the two goof-balls beside me and smirked. Lance was dressed up as Buzz Lightyear and I immediately felt better when I realized he looked so much more ridiculous then I. Jeremy was "Michael Jackson" or he tried to be. When Lance pushed me to dye my hair, he also pushed Jeremy. It hardly mattered that we weren't the tightest of friends, Lance knew nothing would put a bigger grin on Holly's face then seeing us dressed up like the idiots we are.

'Oh what I wouldn't do for that damn girl,' I though, shaking my head and feeling my stiff hair against my neck. I grimaced, the feel of it very unnatural. "Mom!" I heard Holly shout. "Alright, alright." Mrs. Evers sounded like she was pouting and I raised an eyebrow. What were those two doing up there? I heard whispering and Holly shouted "Mom" again. The door to her bedroom started to creek open and excitement got the better of me. I took a step closer to the stairs to be met with her mom. We all sighed. "When is she-" I was cut off as a hiss of air slid out of my lips. I stared up at the beauty descending the stairs. She was an angel, literally. Dressed in a wispy white gown that went just below her knees; it was an ivory color and associated with two lacey gloves, a beautiful white choker and small, detailed wings that came from her back.

Instead of the traditional white halo that floated above an angel's head, she had a white headdress that was set upon chestnut curls that flowed so naturally and silkily. She was in white flats that looked comfortable as well as appropriate. Now that fit her. I smirked up at her and she blushed instantly. I chuckled lightly, but coughed as the fangs got in the way. She burst out in laughter as she realized what I was dressed up as. I frowned at her and she stopped, looking guilty. As she walked over to us three, she looked to Jeremy and I felt something bubble in my stomach; Jealousy. Jeremy winked at her and I felt like heaving.

She looked to Lance and I felt relieved until I stiffened when she started to choke. Then she laughed even harder then before and waved a hand in front of her face like she was holding back tears.

"You guys are... something."

"Something handsome?" I asked with a raised eyebrow.

She blushed and changed the subject like I knew she would, "Let's get going."

Our gang of Halloween dorks went out the door with a chorus of "goodbye's" for Mrs. Evers and ran for my car. It was freezing outside and we all stuffed ourselves in my car. I slid into the drivers side and watched as Lance and Jeremy jumped in the backseat, leaving Holly to slide slowly into the passenger seat.

"C'mon now, we haven't got all day." I smirked.

She glowered at me and buckled her seatbelt as I twisted the keys and sped out of there.

Holly leaned her head back on the seat and then turned it, pressing her nose to the seat. I almost wrecked the car trying to see what she was doing and gave up all together when she moved her head forward again, a faint blush coloring her skin.

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