Chapter 13

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The next day Skye woke up early and in the back of her pup house was Chase's hoodie she put it on over her head and started singing the song that she wrote but this time she was lamenting since she was upset with Chase

After she finished she went around the lookout trying to find the other pups but they were nowhere in sight so she decided to go to Katie's and meet her friends

Katie: hi Skye

Skye: hey Katie

Katie: what brings you here shouldn't you be with the other pups

Skye: ( sighs ) sadly I can't find any of them

Katie: nice hoodie by the way

Skye: oh thanks it's Chase's I forgot I was wearing it

Katie: ok well come on in

Skye: thanks

After about 3 hours

It was already nightfall and Skye came out of Katie's pet parlor and was heading home she was also still wearing Chase's hoodie

The Stars were glistening and Skye looked up the paw mark on her cheek had vanished and she was singing this song in her head while thinking of a certain German Shepard Chase

After Skye arrived at the lookout she noticed that Ryder or any of the pups were there she decided to look around for them but found nothing

After a few minutes of searching she was about to give up until Ryder called her on her pup tag to tell her where they were

Ryder: Skye come down to the beach please

Skye: okay on my way

It took her about 5 minutes to get to the beach only to her surprise to see all the pups except Chase and Ryder there

Skye: what's all this

Everest: Skye appreciation day

Zuma: we wanted to show you how special you are to us

Chase: ( walks up to Skye ) especially me I also wanted to make it up to you and hope you'll give me another chance

Skye: Chase I want to but-

Chase: just listen I wrote you a song to show you how important you are to me and how much I love you ( starts singing this song )

After Chase finished singing all the pups including Ryder cheered but Skye was the only pup with tears in her eyes but they were tears of joy

Chase: so did you like it ?

Skye: like it I loved it thank you

Chase: no problem so does that mean ?

Skye: ( giggles ) yes I will get back together with you as long as you promise to never hit me ever again

Chase: ( raises paw ) I promise

Rubble: alright let's get this party started

The paw patrol celebrated that evening until nightfall but little did they know was that someone was spying on them from a nearby bush especially two certain pups a cockapoo and German Shepard

Howler: I'll get you two I swear this will be your last party and last time you'll ever see your friends again mark my word ( laughs evilly )

Hey everybody well that's this chapter I only have about maybe 2-3 chapters left before I finish this book and continue my pups save a Puppire and also start a new book called remember me bye for now

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