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"H-Hey wait just a minute

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"H-Hey wait just a minute..! I'm gonna fall over if you keep dragging me around like this!" The fairy yelped, trying her best to match his pace, however she couldn't due to her body still being rather weak from earlier.

Katsuki merely laughed, a small sigh following as he allowed himself to slow down a little, just for her. "Fine, just don't go any slower, twinkle-toes. We got places to be." He said, paying her a small glance, only to catch the softest of blushes on her puffy cheeks. He loved how she blushed so easily, it was cute.

Being grateful for him slowing down, Y/N sighed in relief, whispering a quiet word of thanks as she kept her smaller, more delicate hand within his own.

So far, Katsuki wasn't too bad of a person to be around; sure she'd had her ups and downs with him, and perhaps she still felt rather anxious and uncertain around him. But all in all, being with him wasn't all that bad. In fact, he'd presented himself to be quite sweet around her, other than his dominating aura that's seemed to linger around him 24/7.

Even so, she can't help but miss home. She missed her friends, the bakery, the kind people of the orphanage; she missed her old life, her freedom.

And as far as her freedom goes now, she can't even find her way out of the castle; she was trapped in the labyrinth of a place that was Katsuki's kingdom. Just, perfect.

She was nothing but a bird trapped in a cage, she had no escape whatsoever; and even if she were to find a way out, she knew that Katsuki would bring her straight back without a doubt.

She sighed. "Do I really have to attend, Bakugou-sama..? This isn't exactly my kind of event.. I'm hardly even royalty.." She muttered quietly, her eyes cascading down to her feet. "I won't fit in at all.. so it feels weird.."

The ash blonde looked down at her, clicking his tongue. "I would I be dragging you with me if I didn't want you there? No." He replied, his crimson colored orbs averting to the doors up ahead. "I brought you with me, cause in my eyes, you're my princess. My future. My soon to be queen." He added, the slyest of smiles on his lips.

"Whether you're a princess or not, you definitely are to me."

The fairy blushed at his words, biting her lip slightly as her hand grew warm and sweaty. Gosh, she hated how she couldn't understand her feelings for him. They were so confusing; one minute she hates him for kidnapping her, and the other she finds herself falling for him.

She had no clue why, but somehow, she felt there was more to him than just being a king and a cruel person.

And for some odd reason, she found herself familiarizing with him with each passing day; almost as if she'd known him from before. But how? When?

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