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The morning was sunny, it was very good day. Well they say that after the storm the sun comes out ... Michael and Lexi were still in bed. Lexi slept peacefully, while Michael was already waking up. He turned and could see his girlfriend still asleep. I saw her beautiful, as she was. It made her a little sad to wake her up, but it was almost noon. They had slept much longer than they thought. He kissed her on the forehead, and gently woke up, until he accomplished his task. She seemed a little disoriented, but soon stood and seeing her boyfriend there at his side, he could not help but smile. He reciprocated with a soft kiss that Michael followed, and together they went down for breakfast. It was a little late but neither was it time to eat, so they prepared something quickly and they laughed while talking ... Michael went to prepare, while Lexi showered. He was going to take her home. I had proposed to go eat with Becca together. When they finished, they left the house, went to Michael's car and set off to Lexi's house. When they arrived, Lexi and Becca hugged each other, and instantly her friend could see that she was accompanied, well accompanied ... Becca winked wickedly at Lexi and she laughed. She wanted to gossip with her friend, and to tell her everything that had happened, but apparently Michael was inviting them both to eat, which seemed like a good plan. Becca prepared and the three went to a restaurant near Michael's house. There they ate and spent a pleasant time. Becca started talking to her friend's boyfriend, warning her to take good care of her, which was a funny moment even though she was quite serious. Between laughs Michael obviously assured that he would take care of her like nobody else. They were about to leave the restaurant when they met someone unwanted at the entrance ... This real woman had a magnet for Michael or witchcraft, because it was not normal that he would always find it anywhere. There was Brooke again. As soon as he saw Michael, he began to eat it with his eyes. They tried to pass by, but the girl reached them. He stopped them with all the impudence, as if nothing had happened, just with the intention of inviting them to take something to everyone to be together for a while and talk. The idea was crazy. It was so strange that Lexi and Becca looked at each other trying to hold back their laughter while Michael had the look of not understanding anything. They soon rejected his proposal, which seemed horribly wrong. He wanted to make a dramatic scene of it. Becoming the martyr, saying that they were the ones who fled from her and treated her badly ... They did not want to hear more nonsense so trying to be polite, they told her they were in a hurry, and so they left the place, leaving Brooke again words ... On the way to the house of Lexi and Becca, they were talking about how heavy that girl was. Surely she was in love, or worse, obsessed with Michael and pretended to harass him until he was bored. Poor Michael felt a little threatened by that heavy, but the good thing was to take it positively and laugh at it. They arrived at their destination, and Michael accompanied them to the door. He told Lexi he would call her in the night. I had some things to do in the remainder of the afternoon. They gave each other a sweet kiss, while Becca looked away trying to hide and not laugh at the nice picture formed by her friend and her boyfriend ... When they got home, they both settled down and put themselves in a position to talk about everything that Lexi had to tell. First some popcorn was made, and they went to their room. Lexi began to tell her friend what happened the night before. Brooke had shown up at dawn to talk to Michael. She had no shame, she had also tried to kiss him, she even wanted to hit her but she did nothing but make a fool of herself. Becca, amazed by what she was hearing, could not help laughing at the scene. A couple of hours passed and Michael called to see how Lexi was doing. She answered very happily as usual, and told him that she was fine, watching a movie with Becca. He sent memories to her as well, who answered thanks loudly, what Michael heard from the phone. Michael proposed to them to go to the cinema the following Saturday, which seemed to them a good plan. Possibly it was also Jackie. Becca would call him the next day to propose him. They were glued to the phone for a while, until it was time to say goodbye. Michael did it with a big kiss and I love you, what Lexi corresponded with his sweet voice. They said goodbye, and Lexi and Becca continued the scary movie they were watching. Lexi did not like horror movies very much, but she did not pay much attention either because she could not stop thinking about her boy. He was always so nice and attentive to everyone ...

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