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I woke up to my stomach growling

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I woke up to my stomach growling. I ignored it and picked up my phone, checking my... 10:23?

"Crap!" I exclaimed, "Oh god, oh god." I had missed my alarm.

I jumped off the bed quickly and fell back down when a huge wave of dizziness passed me. My phone rang and I look at it gulping.


"Nevaeh! Where the hell are you?" My mom didn't sound very happy.

"I overslept, I'm sorry!"

"I don't care." She grit out, and I could hear her anger through the phone. "Why the hell did I get a call from your school, in the middle of a meeting, in Mexico saying you didn't come to school today?"

"I told you," I whispered, "I overslept."

"Why can't you be like the twins, huh?" She yelled, "Nathaniel and Nicholas are perfect children. They go to school, they are respectful, they get amazing grades—"

"I'm not them!" I shout, frustrated. I hated it when my mom compared me to my brothers and it made me feel like shit.

"Where the hell are you right now?"

I swallowed and closed my eyes, rubbing my temples. "I'm walking to school right now." It was a lie, but I was in no mood to argue with my mom.

"I have to go back to work," my mom growled, "but this is not the end of this discussion."

I opened my mouth to protest but she hung up before I could say anything.

I sat there, on my bed for a few minutes, trying to calm my thoughts. Looking at my phone again, I sighed.

I didn't want to go to class late so I decided I'd just go directly to fourth period. That meant I had ten minutes to get ready and twenty to walk.

I rushed to change my clothes and brush my hair and teeth. My headache was getting worse, but I totally ignored it. It was probably from the lack of sleep I'd been getting for the past few days. I had been trying to sleep well for the past few weeks, but my sleep was decreasing, much to my displeasure.

While I was combing my hair, I felt a small pinch on my scalp. I lowered my brush and gasped.

A small chunk of my hair had fallen out. I dropped my brush and ran my hands through my hair. They were dry and brittle, and a few more pieces fell as I combed it with my fingers.

Tears welled up in my eyes. I sniffed, trying to keep my calm, but it was too late. Everything sucked. My mom hated me, my dad didn't care, and I was such a stupid and ugly person. Everything would be better if I was as beautiful as all the other girls at my school. Their parents cared for them. Those kid's parents actually gave a shit about their children.

As the unstoppable tears ran down my face, my thoughts drifted to Adrian and his family. He was growing up in the household that I had always dreamed of. His siblings loved him, his parents loved him, and his friends were to die for. He was allowed to pursue his dream of soccer, while I was stuck, forced to become a lawyer just like my parents. Even Nathan and Nick had a small choice. They were both football players, and Nathan had even gotten a scholarship because he was so good.

We were a happy family at one point, too. Back when Nathan and Nick were at home, and not in college yet, we all used to be so happy. But when my brothers moved away, my parents decided I wasn't really worth the time at home. So instead of keeping up the good parenting, they completely changed, not batting an eye my way anymore.

My brothers were similar. They never ever called me or texted, and they went so far to even forget my birthday. The only person who gifted me anything or even wished me that day last year was my dad.

My dad was looser than my mom, but he still didn't really care. All he really wanted was for me to become a lawyer like him and mom and now my brothers.

I didn't realize I was still crying, so I quickly wiped my tears and went downstairs. I needed to go through the kitchen to get to the front door so I closed my eyes as I passed it.

Out of sight was out of mind, wasn't it?

"The hell you think you are?" A voice shouted above me. I blinked my fatigue away and looked above me.


It was Alexia Alden, one of the 'untouchables.' She had a slight southern accent and looked vivid.

"You gonna answer that or nawt?"

I swallowed, "I'm sorry, but what did I even—"

"Shut up!" She exclaimed, cutting me off. "You're hangin' out with Adrian!"

Oh. Oh.

I'd heard about the 'untouchable' who hated anyone interfering with anyone in their group. Apparently, from what I could see, it was her.

"We're partners," I explained calmly, "In the Home Economics cooking unit."

"I don't care," she hissed, "I don't want you hangin' out with him anymore, 'kay?" She scoffed, "You're not good enough for him, got that? Stay away."

I swallowed and nodded. She was right. How could I ever be good enough for anyone? Adrian was a freaking untouchable. He was probably faking the niceness.

"Okay," I replied meekly.

"Good," she said, smirking, "I don't wanna hafta make you." She left, leaving me to my thoughts.

You've never been good enough.

You're not good enough.

You'll never be good enough.

Tears welled up in my eyes for the second time that day and I buried my face in my hands.

I hated school.

I hated my life.

And most of all, I hated myself.



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I've never written a southern accent before, so please go easy on me ;) Hope you all enjoyed the chapter! Comment your thoughts :D

Love y'all <3

Love y'all <3

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