Do You Have Man-Parts?

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»Michael's POV«

     "Hey doofus," I say when I pick up the phone, "I thought we were going to talk tomorrow."

     "We both know we're lying when we say that," he laughed.

     "True, true, anyway, whatcha doing?" I ask, turning around so I'm on the bed with my head upside down and my legs spread out on the wall. My hair falls out of my face, I try to push it back up, the way it was before, but gravity only pulls it back down.

     "I was taking a nap, but then I woke up and couldn't go back to sleep, so now I'm talking to you," his voice is energetic, probably why he couldn't go back to sleep.

     "Well, I was in the middle of playing my ukulele," I smirk, mocking him.

     "Ha, ha, very funny," he says sarcastically. I lay down normally because laying down with your head upside down gets uncomfortable after 3.2 seconds.

     "Why are you embarrassed? Playing the ukulele is cool!" I tell him, looking at my ukulele which I had placed in the corner of my room.

     "I don't know, it's just not, 'manly,' ya know?" He said. I scoff,

     "Jeremy, do you have man-parts?" I can almost hear his blush,

     "Ummm, what?"

     "Just answer the question," I simply reply, looking around my room.

     "Umm, I mean......I think so..."

     "You think so?"

     "Kidding, yeah, I do, why the fuck does that matter? That's a little gay, Michael," he says.

"First of all, I am gay. And second of all, if you have a dick then you're a dude. There is no such thing as being 'more of a guy' or 'less of a guy.' If you have boy parts, you're a boy. Unless you're trans, then yeah, you're a guy too.

     "The point is, if you identify yourself as a boy, then you're a boy. Whether you play the ukulele or not, whether you like girls or not, whether you have muscles or not, you're a boy" I say to him, glaring at the wall as if it was him and I was actually talking to him face to face.

"Wow, that was both really inspiring and super awkward at the same time," he laughs. I smile at his laugh,

     "How so?"

     "Well, you made a whole speech about how all boys are equal, but for the first half of the speech you were talking about my balls," he laughed even harder.

     I hear my mom calling me from downstairs, I hate cutting conversations short, my mom is calling my name every 1 second, "Hey, Miah, I gotta go, sorry, see you at school tomorrow!" I wait a couple seconds for a response.

     "Alright, see you tomorrow," he giggles, making my heart full. I smile and set my phone on the bed and go downstairs to help my mom make dinner.

A/N: another short chapter and most of it was about to Jeremy's balls......not sure how to feel about that....

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