This is my 2nd One Direction fanfic! I've had this idea in mind for months and now I'm finally sharing it with you guys! See how much I love you? n_n



Annabelle POV:


I kicked and punched the large red dummy with all my might, screaming with aggression at each kick and punch I hurled at it. Finally I knocked the red head clean off with one swift kick and Noah caught it with ease.

"Nice work belle" he grinned and hugged me.

Noah's my best guy friend and we train a lot together. Well by we I mean me, him and my cousins Kayla and Megan. But Kayla and Megan are doing homework and will come in a few minutes.

I can tell you're confused so let me explain. I'm Annabelle Chopra. Interesting name isn't it? My dad is Indian (explaining my last name) and my mom is Italian and I'm named after her. We work for the USFJ (Undercover Spies For Justice). Yes I'm a spy! It's an agency that USED to be for good. We used to disguise ourselves as many different people to uncover the truth of the world and if there's anything wrong we get them arrested. A lot of the older people who are more experienced in the agency work as politicans, officers, paparazzi, etc. The ones with less experience that are in their 20's- mid 30's, work as celebrity assistants, journalists, body guards, etc. A lot of people though, would work at being your best friend or boyfriend/girlfriend if you're someone that can cause harm to society, so we can uncover their secrets and get them arrestead.

My great-grandfather started this the USFJ with a bunch of other men. So anyone who is related to any of these men are all eligiable to become the head of the corporation. But then when they all had kids who grew up to be my dad's friends and all of the previous heads died, they decided to let my dad have control of the entiere corporation because they felt that he was the most qualified! He was brilliant and assertive. Then he went to Italy where he found my mom, who was also a spy for the agency. This agency is all over the world and is all hidden underground. Then they had me. I've been living in USFJ agency in New York my whole life. 

Then my mom died when I was seven. He was heartbroken but 5 years later he met Claire Leo. She's a USFJ spy in France and met her through a mission. She maybe the sweetest woman in the world on the outside but in reality she is the biggest bitch I know! She bloody hates me and I don't even know why! But she was helping my dad get over my mom so I didn't want to crush his chance at happiness. 

Then when I was 13 he died and Claire took over. She was just his girlfriend, not his wife so normally she shouldn't get the right to take over! But he had some sort of will that I never knew much about. All I know is that he let her have the company. Since I wasn't an adult she took guardianship over me and I was forced to call this devil my "mother". The day she took over was the day this company turned to evil. She lets the older people do what they do, but all the younger people have to pretend to be friends or partners to get close to regular people so we can kidnap them and brainwash them.

Once brainwashed they will become part of her army so she can take over the world or something cheesy like that.

 There are a lot of kids who are under 18 and those kids don't have any missions and such. They get their education in the USFJ prep-school and spend their lives training to be secretive and well, KICK- ASS!  Once you're 18 and you get the option of continuing to serve in the USFJ or leave forever and live normal lives. A lot of my cousins on my dad's side did that but I still have a few here and everyone on my mom's side is here. I've been thinking about leaving but I can't let the agency turn bad. I can't let Claire win. I don't know what I should do. But my 18th birthday is in December, so I still have time to think about it.

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