I really need to do something about this google shit though; maybe I'll just buy him some books - ones that won't tell him to fucking leave me to show me how much he loves me.

Fucking google, you home wrecking twat.

Harrys hands slide into the back of my hair, stumbling backwards as I follow him; like how intense this feels is knocking his legs right out from underneath him and my own hands go to wrap around his neck, getting as close as possible to him.

Our lips were clashing together in careless messy movements, matching the desperate motions of our tongues together and neither of us seem to care; we were both too caught up in experiencing each other.

"I won't leave you again - I promise" he mumbles into the kiss, only pulling his lips back long enough to barely get the words out before they're connecting with mine again but apparently he's feeling chatty again because he repeats the action, blurting out rushed words in between our lips mashing together harder each time.

"I'm sorry m'such a fuckin dickhead"

"I fucked up"

"I didn't wanna hurt you"

"I missed you - I love you so much"

"I love you - fuck I love you, can't stop sayin it"

God hearing those words from him feels brand new every time, like I'm hearing them in different languages or noticing a different way his drawl wraps around each syllable or a slight change in his inflection.

Not to mention hearing the word sorry leave his mouth is sending my mind through the ringer each time, it sounds so strange coming from him.

When it rains it pours I guess

But the least he could do is lube my heart before he fucks it that hard; it's had a rough 24 hours, I dunno if it can handle much more of this.

I still can't believe I'm hearing him say I love you.

It's the most indescribable, surreal thing to experience.

I imagine this is what someone feels when they've been deaf their whole life and hear sound for the first time.

Harry rips his lips from mine, his chest heaving as his eyes search over my flushed face "Say it again, need to hear it again"

I wet my lips that feel like they're raw, trying to catch my own breath and hearing how needy he sounds makes me realise he's wanted those words from me as much as I've wanted them from him.

"I love you" I tell him, catching his eyes with mine and my stomach still flips with nerves at how new that feels to finally say.

"You mean it? You promise?" he asks, vulnerability washing over his face and I could just wrap him up in cotton wool and protect him forever over it.

"I promise I love you, I'd never lie to you" I assure him, meaning every single word and trying to show him with the conviction in my voice.

Something flashes over Harrys face, his brows pinching together and I swear it momentarily looked like guilt and I can't figure out why.

Harry's hands move to rest against my neck, and he wets his lips while he darts his eyes between my own "This went from being the worst twenty four hours of my life, to the best hearing you say that - I was so fuckin scared, thought I'd lost you for good"

"Well you didn't lose me" I say, tightening my arms arms around his neck while his hands slip down my front to then rest on my hips.

I raise my brow, giving him an accusing look "Until you went and left me that is - I could still slap you for that"

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