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I was a
Blurry polaroid,
Ready to be clicked and then thrown away
In the back of your pocket,
And then linger forever in your old denim jeans,
For you to some day find me,
During a spring clean,
In the back of your old haunting cabin,
Ready to be torn,
Because it's been long

I stay up late,
Staring at empty canvases that adorn my walls,
They were yours,
A part of your insipid decor,
And unpainted they look into my soul,
And say,
You don't care anymore,
Where I am or where I've been
It's been long since we've seen
The sunsets together
Or just kissed a hand,
The White paintings you left are bland,

I often see,
The time 11:11 on clocks,
Like life's about to mock,
What we had,
By your showing up at my door,
And my not crying anymore,
And you did indeed,
In the middle of the night,
Two o'clock and you stayed up till light,
And we talked and we smiled,
Until you looked over to my hand,
A ring stood grand,
And we knew what it meant,

I wished,
While forcing the paints on my brush,
To the walls in a rush,
For you to keep that picture,
In the back of your pocket,
And to lock it,
In your old haunting cabin,
Until your kids find the keys,
And when they open your boxes,
And find me,
You'll say that I was someone you used to know,
You loved me so much that you let me go.

I wished,While forcing the paints on my brush,To the walls in a rush,For you to keep that picture,In the back of your pocket,And to lock it,In your old haunting cabin,Until your kids find the keys,And when they open your boxes,And find me,You'll s...

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I wrote this for the competition.

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