118| Wild woods

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Jumbled phrases,
As the coast clears into woods
Of my being,
You sail into the caribbean of my soul,
And into the trees and roots that hang from it's edge,
Like the dust that chips off
My heart's wedge
And come over into the darkness
Deep under the canopies of old haunts
And my birds will sing you a song
A soothing melody of lullabies and demonic curses
Of poetry of future and past's verses,

Canoe your way in, stranger
Like digging old graves
But with your delicate hands
Than shovels real sharp,
And put away the letters that you find in the vents
Deep inside my heart,
Pluck away the flowers that bloom miles down the rivers of my tears
And linger a little while in the shadows of my deepest fears

You might find yourself at the waterfalls of my anxiety
So pray to your deity
To make you through the waves that will crash into you,
I'll hold my chest as you will feel the truth
And there you are
In the light again
A myriad of my love
Showers on the pain,
Wounds will heal and you won't feel,
Lost anymore,
One last time,
Step in the light,
And open the door.

I was trying to write something for an online competition and this came out... I haven't written in so long so I don't know what is happening.

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