24 - Final : Foremost Treasures

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“Are you going to leave?”


“I will go get some help” Taehyung replies, leaving them clueless.

About two minutes after that, Taehyung come back from somewhere with someone behind his back. Then they both went straight to the equipment besides the bed, asking Jungkook to move so that the female can do her job. She then slowly takes Jin’s hand and gently put a pulse oximeter to measure the oxygen level. After she reads the numbers, she then proceed to set the mask softly and gently onto Jin’s face and this action do make Jin awake but sleepy enough to brush off anything.

Jin just tiredly blinking his eyes open before sighing and closing back his eyes as it is no point to open his eyes. Since he is sleepy, all he can see is blurry figures in his hazy mind so he didn’t mind anyone touching him. After setting everything on place, the female walks out to do her job while the remaining members turn back to do their activity. Jungkook and Taehyung settle back onto the bed, carefully not to accidentally pulls the mask or whatever while watching what the other choose to play on the tv.

The remaining four decided randomly pick anything to watch. Firstly they watched a science fiction movie then right after they finished it, they pick another thing to watch. The one they pick stated 2005 on the CD. When Hoseok played the CD, they were greeted by a view. Kim Seokjin when he was young. Apparently that was his ‘a kind of vlog’ for that day. Jin was with his brother. His brother accompanied him to the hospital for his regular check up. They both looks happy together. They greeted the nurses and the doctors there politely then proceed to Jin’s doctor.

"What are you doing? Stop filming" the Jin in the video says to his brother while pushing away the camera from his face.

And of course his brother didn't back up either.

"Stop" Jin says again to his brother.

"Stop shoving the camera onto my face you dumb big brother" Jin says while pushing the camera again and again.

"You're cute" his brother replies in the video.

"Hey, when you get better, let's go to the small river near our house. I will drive you there. I promise you" his brother says, cheering Jin up while they are waiting for the nurse to call Jin into the room.

"Don't" Jin replies, staring into the camera lense.

"What?" his brother asks.

"Don't promise me anything. Your promise will become a lie later if I don't wake up again tomorrow or maybe day after that so don't promise me anything. I don't want to be the reason for you to break your promise" Jin replies.

"Shut up. Don't say that. You will get better." his brother states, sharp and cold.

"I don't know. I don't trust myself" Jin says, shrugging his shoulder.

After a few moment of silent, the nurse called them to come into the room for the appointment. Overall, the video is about his whole day activity with his brother.

When Jin wake up again in daze, he notices the tv is playing his old video, the one that his brother filmed. Then he turns his head to his sides as he notices hands, wrapping his figure. Both Taehyung and Jungkook are sleeping beside him. After that, Jin moves his gaze from the two youngest to the others, spotting them one by one. So, that is why his room is quiet. The boys are sleeping. Jin then slowly sitting up, taking off his mask then moving the maknaes hands before slowly walks outside going downstairs for some water then go to the toilet.

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