23 - Truthful

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“Aren’t you feel heavy for making that decision?”


“He is my cousin” Jin says brightly as no one says anything for a moment.

This new fact is sure a lot to process. Why did no one tell them anything? Especially Minjae and Jin. Why did the two never tell them anything?

Then they proceed to continue the conversation with the addition of Minjae, laughing and chuckling for the funny parts of their conversation. In between of the conversation, Minjae and Jin excuse themselves to go take a walk at the garden although it is already night. Minjae wanted to spend time with Jin for a bit before he go back home and by that both of them walks outside.

“Are you used to be in that group?” Jin asks as they take a slow walk together.

“Yeah, but only for awhile before I transfer to other company” Minjae replies.

“How did you know them?” Minjae asks.

“I’m the new addition of the group” Jin says awkwardly.

“Oh, I didn’t know that. Why aren’t you telling me about that?” Minjae asks.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t have time to do that. Yulhee noona keep nagging me this and that. She even makes me her prisoner for several times you know” Jin says chuckling.

“That is because you are so stubborn. She must be worried” Minjae replies laughing lightly.

“Are you sad that you didn’t make it to the line up?” Jin suddenly asks.

“Not really, it’s a experience to me. Anyway I change my path from becoming a singer to being a dancer. Feel like being a dancer is more suitable for me” Minjae replies brightly.

“I’m terminating my contract with the company” Jin says.

“Why would you do that?” Minjae asks.

“I didn’t fit in. They don’t need me anyway” Jin says.

“They are nice” Minjae replies.

“I know. They spend their time everyday accompany me at the hospital although I keep asking them to leave” Jin says smiling.

"Hey Jin hyung, I'm sorry I didn't even visit you there even for a day" Minjae says with a heavy tone.

"It's okay though. I have everyone there accompany me. My mother, my father, my brother, Yulhee noona, the boys. Didn't feel so bad" Jin says reassuring Minjae.

After a few seconds of silent, Minjae speaks

“Aren’t you feel heavy for making that decision?” Minjae asks.

“Better now than in the future” Jin replies.

Then they continue to talk about their daily life for sometime while walking around the garden. Just talking and laughing without burden, enjoying their time alone especially when they didn't even meet each other for so long. They were having such a fun talk until they didn't anymore. Minjae runs back to the house with Jin on his back, completely worried, shock and concern as he didn't understand anything.

“HELP!” Minjae says, panting a little with Jin still on his back.

Everyone is shock, everyone is surprise. Thankfully Yulhee is there. She quickly rush to the two, taking Jin's hand gently, searching his pulse point with her fingers.

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