21 - Conscious

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“Can you hear me?”


And day after day passed by without any further news of Jin’s condition.


It takes more than a week for them to receive a news about Jin. Ten days to be exact which marked on the 30th November that a doctor came informing them the detail about everything. Since Jin’s condition is improving slowly, with the permission of the doctor who is in charge, he decided to move Jin from the private ICU room to his own private room. That marked the first time everyone see Jin again after ten days without any hints.

Jin’s parents is there, spend time with the boys and Jin everyday although Jin is still not waking up. His brother too is there with them. Jin’s family mostly spend hours there with all of them before going back home to rest. The parents, especially Jin's mother is usually always by Jin's side, holding her youngest son's hand gently, running her hand through Jin's hair and all.

The boys are spending all of their time there. The only time some of them are missing is when they went back to the dorm to shower, change their clothes. Of course the maknaes still go to school. Once, the maknaes skip the school for three days straight and probably still plotting to skip another day until Yulhee scold them enough.

"Go to school. He will be alright here" she says to the maknaes but of course all three of the maknaes are stubborn as hell.

"You know what Jin hates the most? He hates skipping school. Not that he skips school because he wants to but because he is forced to. You boys shouldn't waste your opportunity like that" she nags.

After a moment of slow talks, finally the boys admit everything. Finally they agree to go to school. And with that, every day right after the maknaes finished their school day, they straight away went to the hospital. Everyday and every night, all six of them spend their time there, carefully watch the eldest moving chest, listening to the faint heart beat sound.

When the first time they saw Jin again, Jungkook, Jimin and Hoseok were in tears while the rest of them all looking down. Those usual bright face looking so much fragile, in pain and pale. The doctor still keep Jin being intubated since he still can’t breath on his own. The nurse keep coming back in the room once in awhile, to inject Jin with some type of liquid or medicine or whatever. She also cleans the stitches on Jin’s hand, abdomen and his chest area, the area where they did the surgery, to prevent him from getting any infection.

On one evening, Yulhee came into the room to clean those wounds stitches instead of the usual nurse.

“Hopefully these stitches are not going to give him scars in the future” Yulhee says as she cleans.

“Where are the nurse? She usually the one who did that” Jimin asks as he watch her gently cleans the wound before buttoning back Jin’s clothes.

“She got another patient to handle at the moment, anyway, Jin is under my care now” Yulhee says.

The six of them nods at her.

“I hope he wakes up on his birthday” Yulhee says, adjusting all those wires on Jin’s body.

And one day before his birthday, Jin wake up. Still too weak to do anything. At that moment, Jimin is sitting on a chair beside the eldest bed, holding his hand gently while some of the boys, Namjoon, Jungkook and Hoseok went to accompany Jin’s mother to eat since her husband is going somewhere.

“Hyung?” Jimin says softly as he notices Jin started to blinks his eyes open.

Jimin the quickly press the button there. A few seconds later, Yulhee and a nurse came rushing into the room.

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