How to clean hijabs

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We use different kind of hijab materials...chiffon, pashmina ,cotton, silk hijab. My favourite hijab meterial is chiffon. But then again there is times when I get a oil stain or coffee stain it's so hard to get rid of them. And after many of experiment I have found the best and most effective way to clean our hijabs and keep them nice and fresh.

Hand wash your hijab

Using mild soap wash it. If there is any stubborn oil or makeup stains rub that area with more soap with a lil pressure. I'm sure it'll come out clean  and fresh.

You can repeat it twise if it's not clean enough. This method works with most hijab materials.  Btw if it a stubborn stain you can soak your hijab in a bucket of soap water for 20 minutes then gently rub the fabric and wash it clean.

How to make them smell nice

This is a lil trick for you girls. It might sound weird but trust me it's awesome way to keep them smell can store few body soaps in your same drawer where you keep your hijabs. It'll smell good as the soaps. If your not into that you can keep your perfume with your hijabs. The smell of this linger into the fabric making it smell nice.

You can do this trick with your clothes too. Just store your perfumes with your clothes.


I hope this is usefull for you my beautiful. Have a wonderful day♡

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