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Today was Winter Formal night.

And I was going, even if I did not understand why.

I didn't want to go. I dreaded going.

But Estrela was forcing me to go, that things like these were something that you never forget.

That you would remember them forever.

Which I didn't find to be true. I had never really liked dances, mostly because I always danced alone, even though I was a great dancer, in my opinion.

I didn't even have a date.

And another problem was that tonight, Nathan and I were supposed to go to the abandoned electricity building. But now I couldn't go because I was going to some stupid ball, that I did not want to participate in the first place.

So that sucked.

I thought about informing him about the situation, but I also did not want to bother him. I thought that maybe he should go alone, since I would have only been a burden to him. I would have only been an extra unneeded second wheel.

I blew out a breath as I got dressed. It had a halter neckline, a beaded top, a line silhouette. But overall it was a sleeveless, zipper back, cocktail length wine red dress. Hair was in loose curls and a waterfall braid was pinned to the back from both sides. And also paired with nude block heel dress sandals.

I felt too overdressed, but at the same time, I wanted to feel nice.

"Angela, will you get your ass downstairs? We are going to be late?" Estrela shouted.

Can you even be late to a freaking dance? I wondered.

I strongly doubted it.

Hurriedly grabbing my small purse before rushing downstairs, also after spraying some peppermint mouth spray. Just in case, because you can never know what might happen.

"I'm here. You don't need to yell," I muttered, once I had reached it.

Estrela was dressed in a royal blue a-line long dress with a slit, paired with five inch dark blue heels and a high ponytail. "Well, you were taking too long, so you can't blame me."

"Can we just go?" I asked, folding my arms over my chest.

Kenneth threw an arm around Estrela's shoulders, pulling her to his side. "I'm driving, so let's go."

I was about to follow them out, but was cut off when a voice suddenly spoke up. And of course it was none other than Bill, who was coming from the kitchen. "Where are you all off to?"

"To the Winter Formal? Remember, I told you this earlier? Gosh, old people have such a horrible memory."

Those were the only words that I only liked, the one's that Estrela said. And the fact, that she had basically just insulted Bill.

I wanted to throw up, when Bill's eyes shifted to me. "I am not that old, Estrela. I just forgot, since I had a hectic day at work. But you two look stunning." I stayed still, even when he advanced towards us, until he was right at my side. "Angela, I didn't even notice you arrive home earlier."

"Yeah. Well, I guess I am quiet like that," I mumbled, glancing down at the floor instead, not wanting to look at his face.

Estrela let out a giggle as Kenneth kissed her cheek, tugging her closer.

They looked so loving, adorable even.

And I was so caught up on looking at them, that I didn't even notice when a hand was placed on my lower back. As soon as I had regained my attention back, I turned it to that and I could feel my breathing quicken when I found Bill's hand there.

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