The Soulmate Ball

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"Mother, Royal stole my dress yet again!"  My sister yelled as I tie up my hair in something that I hoped looked presentable. "I did not mother. She wears a different size dress and I had this one specially made." I say as I smooth the beautiful blue lace over my hips. I don't usually wear clothing that shows off my figure but the next two weeks of balls will be very important. "Here if you must wear one of my dresses wear this one." I say as I hand her a pretty pale pink dress. She squeals and runs off to put it on and I grin. "Let me help with your hair sweetie, it looks a mess." Mother says as she starts to take down my frizzy pale gold hair. I watch her fix my hair as I decide what jewelry to wear.  "There, a simple yet perfect look." My mother says as I look at the loose curls that cascaded down my back. "I can't find any necklace to go with the dress." I say with a sigh as my mother runs off. "Tada!" My sister, Elisha, yells as she steps into the room. "Wow you look gorgeous. I'm sure you'll find your soulmate tonight sister. Come here and I'll tie up the back." I say as she walks over and turns around. While I tie up the back of her dress mother comes in with a small velvet pouch. "You may have this to wear." She says as she pulls out a beautiful diamond necklace and earring set. "What about me?" Elisha says as mother helps me put on the jewelry. "Here, you can have this set Elisha. Grandmother told me to hand it down to you when the time was right." I say as I pull out a beautiful rose necklace. She squeals as she rushes over to my mirror. "Help me, sister." She says and I chuckle as I do the clasp for her.

"Well you two look beautiful." My father says as he walks in. "Don't hesitate to call me if any boys need their asses whipped." He says with a chuckled. "Language, David." My mother says as she walks over and hugs him. "Its time for you two to leave. I'd come with you but you know the rules. Stay safe." She says as I grab Elisha's hand. "Let's go sister. We don't want to be late." I say as we run to the carriage. "You know where to." I say to Calkins, our driver. "Yes, princess." He says as we set off down the road. We could've walked but mother stood on the balcony to see us off.

It took less than one minute to get there and there we stood, staring at a barren wall. This is the part that I dreaded. One person had to recite a song. Luckily, before I could say anything, Elisha started to sing 'Twinkle, twinkle little star' and the door opened up. "Have fun and stay safe. If you need anything come find me." I whisper to her before she went her separate way. Me being the eldest led to certain things. I had to be announced. I was the daughter of a lesser King but still had enough royal blood through my veins to be classified as royal. I had to climb up this dramatic stairway that swooped into the center of the ballroom near the kings throne. So when I reached the top I looked over and truth be good the King, Queen, and Prince sat in their spots. When I made contact with the Prince's lurking eyes I couldn't help but blush as a shock of electricity rushed through me. He has been going to these balls for four years, hunting for a soulmate he has yet to find. It is common for someone to take someone else as their mate if they do not find their soulmate but he wasn't allowed to do so unless he chose a pure royal to be his mate. People from other kingdoms were here so I'm sure he'd find his pure royal soulmate. He was meant to have a pure royal as his soulmate. "Miss Anastasia Royal Dumont." The man announced and all the dancing and talking stopped as the Prince got up and stood at the bottom of the stairs. I felt like puking as I looked over to see the King and Queen sitting up, staring at me as I made my way down the stairs and stopped in front of Prince William. "My prince?" I ask confused as he stared deep into my eyes to my very soul. "There is no way that you are my soulmate. Yet I feel something that I have never felt before, complete. " He muttered as he grabbed my had. "Would you care to dance Royal?" He asked. "It would mean the world to me. I- I mean I am honored, my prince." I say with a blush as he sends devilish grin towards me. "I'd like for you to meet my parents first. Don't be scared, they won't bite. They're not as mean as everyone assumes them to be." He says as he leads me over to the royals thrones. The whole ballroom is quiet as the King and Queen stand up and step down from their thrones to meet me.  "But-but a lesser Princess, are you sure my son?" The Queen cries out and the King comforts her. "There has to be an explanation, the Seers were quite sure that if he had one it would be. We checked twice. It makes sense that she would be younger since she has finally matured fully. Come with us, we have gathered your parents in a room. We all must talk." He pauses and looks up at the surprised crowd. "Continue." He snaps and the music begins as we walk out of the ballroom and down a series of halls. Prince William holds my hand and looks down at me as we stop outside of a door. I smile a weak smile at him and the King opens the door. We all walk in and Elisha runs over to me. "Royal what's going on?" She asks, staring at my hands entwined with the Princes. My parents are astounded.

"As you can tell we were also surprised when our son claimed her as his soulmate. That means that she must be of pure royal blood, explain." The King demands as he makes  me sit in between the Queen and Prince William. My mother sighs, about to speak out when father cuts her off. "She is the daughter of the former King Maximum. Before he was dethroned and slaughtered his sister asked us if we would raise her as our own. My wife was King Maximums illegitimate cousin so we agreed." He says and pauses.

"We never wanted her to feel as if she hasn't any family. We were going to tell her when she found her soulmate we just didn't expect..." Mother says and looks over at me, desperate. "I forgive you. You have given me a life that I have never dreamed of before. Deep down inside I felt as if I weren't your legitimate child but I have loved you, will love you all the same." I say as a tear runs down my cheek. Prince William reaches out and while everyone watches, brushes away my tear. "I never expected my soulmate to be so strong. And if this story is true it means that you are the only True Pure Royal, does it not father?" He turns to the King and King Coulter nods.

"Indeed. Yet before you complete the bond with my son you are to go to trial, all of you. The late king still has spies throughout this kingdom and since you are his child we must see that there aren't any spells placed on you that are hiding anything back from us. Take her to the dungeons." He demands. I cry out in disbelief.

"My king I am loyal to this kingdom in heart and soul and shall devote myself completely to my Prince. I have done nothing wrong but have been claimed to be a late kings daughter. Please do not make such a harsh decision." I cry as guards appear and grab my arms.

Prince William stands up, knocking his seat over. "Father listen to her voice, look at her. You are basing your decision on past acts from before she was even born. That magic has long been forgotten. The dungeons aren't suited for a Princess, least of all, my mate." He cries. The King stands up. "She is your mate when I have agreed to the evidence of her innocence. It is well known that the late King and Queen's blood ran with magic. Be assured hers does to. Until I'm sure of her innocence, take her to the tower. At twelve o' clock on her eighteenth birthday her name will be cleared. I'll entrust you to her well being, son. If she escapes you will be punished." He says as the kings guards drags me away.

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