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Hey! It's the author, Ruby!
Here are some things to know before reading this story:

-In this, Sero and Jiro are real close (no,they're not being shipped. It's Sero x Iida remember?). That's because they're sorta like siblings to one another.
-Sero lives with his aunt in this, due to trama involving his mother. His
aunt, who I'm calling Okashi (it translates to 'funny') is the only
family he has left.
-He has a lot of issues, yet he refuses to tell anybody
about what he's feeling, given the fact he thinks it would just be a nuisance to his
friends and family.
-Iida and Sero are going to meet on the first day, starting off their close relationship (that becomes super gay).
-This will have some things that may trigger people, so I'll put a warning on certain chapters. Please tell me if anything makes you upset in this. I have no intention of hurting anyone.

That's all! Sorry for rambling!

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