Chapter Four

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The afternoon breeze felt like heaven as it brushed past my body. I had done a little shopping early in the afternoon. It was about to be 4:50 and I was having a late lunch outside at sonic. I enjoyed the peace that surrounded me. I grabbed my shopping bags and headed to the car. I checked my phone and saw Stacy's text.

Stacy: Gurl you been gone for awhile, text or call me to let me know you aight. 4:11pm

Me: I'm okay love, I'm heading back to your house now. 4:55pm

I pulled up into Stacy's driveway and headed for the door. My hands were full with all the shopping bags so I had to go in backwards.

"Stacy, gurl they had so many good sales at the mall! I can't wait to show you what I ---"

I turned around and the first thing I saw was Evan sitting in the living room.

The last time I had seen Evan he had these huge bifocals, he had acne that was out of control and even at a height of 6'3, he walked with this nerdy, geek sway but everything about him had changed. The Evan that was sitting in front of me could make a straight man turn gay. He no longer had acne. His dark complextion was silky smooth like melting chocolate. His eyes that were once hidden by those huge bifocals shined bright. His facial hair that graced his defined jawline and surrounded his huge lips was trimmed to perfection and connected with his hair that was cut into a low fade.

I walked into the living room acting like I hadn't noticed him.

"Whats up Lauren, how you been?."

"Hey Evan, I've been good and you?"

"Good. Anythings better than prison."


"Oh and Staci is in the shower, she should be out in awhile."

"Okay then."

I don't know why I feel so uncomfortable around Evan. I mean, I have a man. Its just something about him now. The way his deep baritone voice sends chills down my spine and sparks a fire between my legs. mmh.. Evan oh Evan...

A few minutes later Stacy comes into the living room dressed in a robe.

"Lauren, I thought I heard your voice. Come out with Evan and me tonight. We're going to club Matrix."

"I don't know Stace. You know how long its been since I went out? Plus I dont have nothing to wear."

"See, Thats exactly why you should come. You need to enjoy yourself while Marcus is acting up. Plus I know you ain't about to turn Evan down and he just got out today. Its time to Turn the Fuck Up!"

I looked back at Evan on the couch out the corner of my eye. It was a Saturday night and I didn't want to spend it surrounded by kleneex tissue.

"We'll I guess I'll go.."

"Aye!!! That's what Im talking about now c'mon lets find you something to wear."

At exactly 10:10pm, I stood in Stacy's mirror admiring my full look. I was wearing a skin tight baby blue and white bodycon dress. The sides of the dress were cut to reveal the left side of my body and my feet were laced in a pair of black stilletoes. I was glad I had went to the hair salon to change my hair into 30 inch extentions that Staci wand curled after she did my makeup.

Stacy wore this black bodycon with cutouts on both sides of her dress that left her hips exposed and a pair of red pumps laced her feet. Her hair was styled into a shoulder length bob and her makeup was beat for the gawds!

We walked out the room.

"So how we look Evan? " Stacy asked.

Evan stood up from the couch wearing all black from his tshirt to his black levis and taxi jordans. The only thing that wasn't black was his gold rolex Staci had bought upon his arrival.

"DAMN! I'm bout to be the envy of all the niggas tonight! He said as he rubbed his hands together.

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