two - louis

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three – louis

Louis had to admit that the circus was absolutely remarkable.


            At first he was seated right next to Mr. Payne, as if he was a friend of exceptional importance, only a meter or so away from the actual, amateur – built stage. “I am quite proud of my employees, especially the magicians, if I must say. But, to be blatantly honest, I believe that you will especially like the dancers, our cabaret group. They tend to do that to the audience a lot. Mesmerizing creatures, they are,” he said, bringing a fine cigar to his lips and the blowing the smoke out through his nose.

            There was this quirky, mystical atmosphere during the show, Louis realized. He couldn’t quite explain what it was exactly, well except from the fact that after the magicians were finished, a lady with three legs, all covered in fishnet tights, came outside, then began creating figures with her body, tangling her limbs and winking seductively a t a group of men who were sitting on the left side of the audience, and were quite endeared by her presence. The tight knot that had magically appeared in Louis’ throat was nothing unfamiliar, although he had never felt this way while attending a circus. He had never been to a circus before, truth is.

And then Harry came on stage.

            He had obviously changed his costume, a dark red corset hugging his body this time, white black, shiny lace sewed on the fabric, fishnet tights that reached until the mid of his thigh and then resulted into thigh garters, with a cute, small, red and black bow on each leg. Then the knickers – Jesus. He had never seen such provocative, female underwear in his life, and to be fair, he was glad his own grandmother wasn’t wearing such kind of knickers. They showed almost everything, how his member was tucked in them, you could even see through them and recognize the color of his bum.

            “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.” Harry said with a confidence that he never seemed to have. When he met Harry, the boy was extremely shy and found himself stuttering with every word he uttered out of his pretty pink mouth. Right then, however, he sat on a wooden, small stool that seemed ready to break, and he was speaking – no, purring – with such confidence and smirking, running his small hands up and down his thighs, occasionally cupping the parts of his corset that were supposed to cover his ‘breasts’. His lips were coated red, with huge eyelashes covering his eyes and blush on his cheeks. Louis was stunned. “For those of you who have never joined us before, and considering this is our first night here in Doncaster, I’m Precious, and I will be singing for you.” He fluttered his eyelashes and gave a small smile, before the lights shut down and then lit up again, this time showing every single girl that stood behind him, their legs open as they sat on the same stools as him, then opened his mouth –

And released the most beautiful sound Louis had ever heard in his life.

            He had heard tons of songs in his life, his mother had an excellent voice and always sang to him before he went to bed, but Harry was something else. The way he moved made Louis’ insides stir; his legs opened, showing off his penis, and – was he hard? “Lord…” he whispered to himself, swiping some sweat from his forehead with a napkin. Harry continued to sing rhythmically, dancing around and guiding the rest of the cabaret along. He kept shaking his thighs and bum and touching himself inappropriately, living from the attention the crowd was giving him as they whistled and shouted inappropriate things at him. Louis desperately wanted to remind them that Harry was not a whore or a prostitute or a slut, or any other name they called him. He was a performer, an excellent one, actually, that made him want to reach down and cup himself through his pants.

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