1 | Chapter One

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The Moon Mage

A surge of ice left her palm, with her free hand tightly clutching at a piece of parchment. Okay, turn left then left again. Each shard splattered against cobblestone beneath her sneakers, sending a cold shiver across her newly imprinted tattoo on her shoulder. With each graceful movement she made, a curl of her raven black hair would brush against her freckle covered cheeks. As her magic intensified the closer she got to her first lecture hall, the temperature surrounding her began to drop, turning her olive-brown skin into a starchy temporary white.

My first official day. And I'm late.

Ever since she was seven, Macey Russells had one goal in life, to become a student at the most prestigious institute in all the land; Grendilton. She gasped at the idea that perhaps she can be a hard-working summoner like her adopted parents. I will become a Summoner if it's the last thing I do. Her brows creased together at her scattered thoughts. Thirteen years of hard work and dedication, all for this opportunity to be where she is now.

And I was messing it up because of my stupid scatterbrain last night. Because of her lack of focus at the task at hand, Macey hectically turned the corner of the stony hallways, dodging another mage by a fraction. But as she avoided this mage, a sage with deer-like eyes and his mouth wide open stood before her.

"Move out of the way!" Macey yelled at the dumbstruck sage before her.

In a state of panic, she frantically twisted her body, her arms waving around like a maniac, all to avoid this out of place make student. Macey lost her balance along the slick ice beneath her feet, crashing ribs first into a door. The impact caused her grimace as her rainbow dyed singlet got tangled up in the doorknob. With her teeth clenched tightly against each other, she hissed through her teeth, narrowing her eyes at the guy who will connect his temple with her flying shin.

"Why didn't you move," groaned Macey, lifting the palm of her hand towards him. "Did the sight of flying ice miss your line of sight?"

Her watch began to beep, causing her to curse out loud at the time. She was half an hour late, and her magically enhanced speed was pointless.

Realising she was late either way, Macey briskly jogged, weaving through groups of students rather than blast them with her ice. She trudged through the hallways that had fairy dust littered in the fissures, then traipsed across the courtyards that had blooming cherry blossom trees. Then finally, with a long sigh leaving her lips and a drop of sweat rolling down her brow, she reached the water masters class with no time left to spare.

"Wow," sighed Macey, making her way down a stairwell, stuffing the piece of parchment back into her bag. "Talk about impressive. I can't believe what I'm looking at."

The lecture hall was a grand structure created from a thin layer of wind magic, fit for a water mage such as herself. It was completely submerged underwater, with a cerulean crystal light hovering above her, cutting through the waters with a single beam of illumination. All the furniture that situated the space were of pure white stone, with life forms such as barnacles and seaweed growing in the crevasses. So where's the singing fish?

The silence was heavy in this grand room. It made Macey gulp in anticipation, sweating in fear that perhaps she's missed her very first test. Damnit.

"Um, hello," said Macey, attempting to capture the attention of any sort of life form in the large room she stood upon. When all that replied were the echoes of her voice bouncing off the walls, she let out a sigh of frustration, blowing at the stray hair that ran down her face. "Guess being half an hour late isn't the best beginning to the year. Now what?"

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