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❤️💬➡️Jakewebber9: listen

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Jakewebber9: listen. Yes I have a child, yes she is my pride and joy, yes I've been hiding her from all of you, I was gonna tell you all when the time was right, but obviously someone leaked it her name is Anastasia rose and she is 4 years old almost 5, i took her in because her mother didn't treat her right and one day I found Anastasia in her chair outside in the freezing cold while it was snowing she has multiple bruises on her and she was crying and shriving at the moment I knew what happened and when her mother went out one day I packed Anastasia's things like her clothes and what she would need, I packed all my things as well and I took Anastasia and lived at my parents house with her until I saved up enough from making these videos and brought my own apartment, then I met everyone in the trap house and they where amazing, they supported me and what I did and even let me and Anastasia move in with them but obviously when we where filing videos or having parties I would take Anastasia to my parents, I really do hope you guys understand why I didn't want to bring Anastasia into this life style at her age I was waiting until she turned at least 6 years old for me to bring her into this life style because that way she knows what's going on and she knows how to act around big crowds when we see yous in public, I know everytime I've gone out with her in public and met some of you I've said she's my niece but she is my daughter and I'm sorry I've lied to you guys i really hope you forgive me xx jake


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Hey guys sorry I haven't uploaded in 4-5 days I'm really sick and have been putting a lot of things off to try and get well fast 😣❤️

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