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I pressed on the bell to Room 203. I was twiddling my thumb anxiously, waiting for the door to open.

The housekeeping staff who marched across the hallway leered at me as though he would have me up against the wall right that minute. I restrained from rolling my eyes. Be it anywhere, even in luxury five-star hotels, men will be men. They look at women like they are sex objects. I have grown to numb myself to all of this. I have been through it for fourteen years now. This life has created a never-ending dark void that has consumed every ounce of me that I was left with nothing. Just plain void, empty and numb.

The door was thrown open.

"You're booking me for the fifth consecutive night," I said, pressing my palm on his chest and moving him aside from the doorway. As I stepped into the room I heard the door shut behind me.

The sound of his footsteps told me he was inching closer. In a wisp, I felt his deep breaths over the nape of my neck.

"Of all the women I've fucked, you're the only one who knows how to please a man."

"Is that a compliment?"

His lips followed the pursuit over the skin on my nape. In that split second before his touch, every nerve in my body and brain electrified.

I swiftly spun up against him until our lips were just inches apart. My painted toes dug the carpet beneath my feet. I was scared I was going to break my first rule of 'no kiss on the lip'. His hands moved over my skin, under my clothes. My mind was unable to process the pleasure so fast. I held his hair in my grip.

I have never felt this way with any man I have slept with. No man bothered to make me feel the pleasure I felt with him. I was just used as an object that served their sexual needs.

His head moved around to my left ear and he whispered, "it is. I'm telling you you're good at your job." I perceived that was the answer to my earlier question.

My body came to a transitory paralysis. I couldn't respond to his kisses.

He paused, "are you okay?"

"Stop kissing me, you're not my lover."

"Are you sure of that?"

His grip on my waist tightened until our bodies meshed together.

"Yes, you're just my client."

With a devilish smirk playing on his face, he lifted me right off my feet, carrying me towards the bed. Then he was all business.

I cannot bend my rules for him. He's just my client. 

Whew! You guys! I am back. Felt like forever. Missed you all a lot!  This was something really different I wrote. I really am pumped about the book.  It's not going to be a really long book like my other ones. Planning to stick to my plot as much as I can. I am also focused on conveying a lot of messages here on behalf of the sex workers. No light is ever thrown on their community. They are always reflected as people who demean relationships and society. The other side is never pondered upon.  I really hope I become successful in bringing that message across to you guys. I want to show that they are also capable of love.

They sure as hell are capable of love, but every love story has its own fate. I cannot promise you what' s in store for Mehr and Abhimanyu. But I really hope you guys stick around to read it. This book is my only focus for the next 2 month. I am going to be updating thrice a week. The next update is going to be on Tuesday. So watch out you guys!

I really hope you guys liked the prologue. Please let me know how you guys like it, would love to know. Don't forget to leave your votes and comments! 

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